Storing your Video and Multi-Media files… a Problem solved!


If you’ve been following the way things are being done online today, you’ve obviously noticed that there are tons of audio and video clips being used in promotions. It’s no longer the rage to just show pictures and have a sales letter if you want to sell something. You have to tell your audience about your item, your product or service… and to really beat your competition… you’ve ‘gotta show them! And here comes the problems… will YOUR server stand up under the load?

How often have you seen the emails from the GURU’s who have product launches and THEIR server has a melt down? It happens and it happens quite often. And not just for Guru’s… it often happens for people just like you and me!

Knowing that delays with uploads and downloads are not what users want… Amazon has come up with a HUGE network of servers that can and will handle the load for just about anything you can throw their way! Yes, audio, video, streaming video/audio and even both combined. And it’s affordable for the beginners too.

The system is known as S3 for Simple Storage Service. The pricing is quite inexpensive for this S3 system that can act as your own Personal Disk Drive. It’s only 15 cents per Gigabyte and if you do the math… you can’t find that price, with the service and reliability offered, anywhere else.

To make things really easy for ANYONE to use this service, we’re offering you a great eBook that explains exactly how to set up your uploads so that everything works perfect for you. You can read more about the book and S3 HERE

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