Tips for tough times!

In what many are saying is the worst economic downturn ever… how can YOU profit from your online BIZ and still look yourself in the mirror each morning?

When I check my eMail throughout the day, I find so many WILD claims and offers. Stuff (yes, stuff!) that only belongs in the trash… and that’s where most of it winds up! My question then is…. Are you writing eMails that will wind up in the trash or are your opening comments such that your readership will want to know MORE about your product or service and keep on reading?

These are tough times for many. All around the world! So… what to do?

My Number One suggestion is to OVERDELIVER! That seems to be something that so few online marketers do today. However, if you watch the marketers who DO OverDeliver… they’re raking in the sales by the boatload! You can do that too!

If your product has other uses that you’ve heard about, make sure to share those with your customers and offer a way for them to share NEW creative ways they’ve found to use the product (or service) with you and the rest of your customers. That will do two things for you: First you get REAL testimonials and Prospective Buyers see how their ideas can be appreciated and shared by others! They’re actually encouraged to THINK “Outside the Box!” Second, you begin to generate Brand Loyalty because of your perceived responsiveness to your customers.

My Second suggestion for these tough times would be to “Cut the Fluff” out of your product. So many offers include hundreds of other things that would do NOTHING but cause me to purchase a HUGE backup drive to download all the extra’s that the Seller tells me are Good Stuff. Like I said… cut the Fluff!

Instead… If someone is selling a script that you can use on YOUR website to perform a “useful” function, they should make sure that they have tested it and that it will work, as advertised, for YOU. I find it VERY useful to have a “test version” set up on MY SERVER that a prospective customer can actually use and observe the results of the product that I am selling to know that it really works… and then, having instructions on how to get it to work on THEIR server is, in my mind, paramount. Those instructions MUST work! If not, forget offering your product until you have real WORKING instructions.

I have, in the past, purchased so many products that had “Sloppy” instructions and I wasted SO MUCH time figuring out how to make that product work. That is NOT giving good VALUE with your product and you are not likely to get return customers…

More coming in the next post.


aka: TrafficMechanic

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