Succeeding in Network Marketing

All too often I hear comments from people that I speak to, regarding Network Marketing (NWM), that go like this… I can’t do this because it takes too much time or… This is too much like work!

What so many people who are new to NWM fail to realize is: One of the paths to success in NWM is in getting a LOT of people involved, each doing a little instead of a few doing a LOT!

That’s right! On the way to finding the core team members that will work with you, as hard as YOU will, you’ll have to sort through a LOT of people but along the way you can (if you follow your upline’s leadership) build a network of customers and distributors who will each do a little and that can eventually add up to a substantial income stream of its own.

These customers and distributors who are not active “business builders” do not require constant attention but they should at least receive a newsletter, a phone call or a visit from time to time to keep them in the loop and aware of new products in your business, new developments and opportunities they should be aware of. Keeping them ‘in-the-loop’ also keeps them reminded to purchase and use the products. This team of “buyers” helps to fund your business building activities so don’t neglect them.

Remember: You’re building a business. NWM is only going to get bigger. Get started now if you haven’t already. Focus on finding four who will work as hard as YOU will. That (in my mind) should be your primary task.

You will find many who will NOT work as hard as you. Some won’t do anything! Some will do a little. Some will tell you about their friends and you may possibly enroll some of those people. You never know if you don’t ask.

So remember… If you don’t ask, the answer is already NO!  So ask everybody and ask often!

Until next time,
David Perkins
Frederick, Maryland

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