Use an Autoresponder to boost your website sales

If you’re in sales you surely know that following up with your customers can often result in that first sale and maybe even repeat sales. When we do business, following up is a must for achieving sales success.

Let me ask you… Who of has the time or inclination to personally email every person who responds to your advertisements that offers a product, service or information for sale. I know I’m not interested in doing that and it’s my opinion that you shouldn’t be wasting YOUR valuable time doing it either!

However, if you create a series of email messages that help create more sales of your product, service or information, you can load all of them into an autoresponder that will send them out for you automatically at whatever interval you set them up for. The beauty of using the autoresponder is that it will work for you tirelessly, 24/7/365 and almost all autoresponders will personalize your messages for you if you select those options.

Getting an email addressed to you, by name, is always more pleasing that simply one that starts off with a sales pitch… don’t you agree?

An feature of most autoresponders is the ability to space your messages out as you wish. You can send your messages once a day, once a week, once a month. You simply decide and select the correct interval for your purposes.

So why haven’t you begun using an autoresponder? Is it the thought that it will be difficult to set up? Or is it that you don’t really feel like you would really get your money’s worth? I have witnessed several of my clients who have built HUGE lists using an autoresponder to collect the name and email addresses of prospects that later became paying customers. Many of them had NO other things going for them. The autoresponder package allows you to create the form that the name and email are entered in. The code is added to your advertisement or sales page and as soon as the person fills in the information and sends it along… the autoresponder INSTANTLY sends them back an email and asks them to click a link IN that email to CONFIRM that they really wanted to be added to the list. When your prospect clicks to confirm, you then have that Double Opt-In list member who has not just held their hand up once but TWICE!

After they’re confirmed, then the autoresponder begins sending the information that you offered (that enticed them to sign up in the first place) and it follows up with the message series that you have loaded in it… spaced out at the intervals you choose (one day to… several days or weekly or monthly or longer).

You can opt to have the autoresponder send you an email EVERY time someone signs up or you can simply check on a regular basis to see how your list is growing.

If at this point you’re thinking that all this is way too complicated or technical for you, I can assure you that the training sections of the services I use are awesome. There are videos that you can watch and learn all the steps necessary to do just anything you would want to do with your autoresponder. And if that isn’t enough, there is Technical Support staff that is “over the top” helpful and they can and will guide you, step by step, through any difficulties you might have.

The last point I might address is creating the content for your autoresponder to send out. Some of us are not gifted writers. However, there are services that will do the writing for you and for a nominal fee. There are many services that will write your content for you. You give them the subject, tell them what you want articles about, about how long you want them to be and they’ll write something up and send you something to check out. If it works for you, simply pay their fee and load up the content. If it needs help, communicate with them and get it done to your standards.

So, what is the bottom line here? I’d say it is getting started. Check out our preferred autoresponder and all the training that you will receive.

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