10 Benefits Of Submitting Articles To E-zines

1. You’ll brand your web site, business and yourself by submitting articles to e-zines. You can (and should) include your name, business name, your credentials, web site address and e-mail address in your resource box.

2. You can become known as an expert on the topics you write about. This will give you and your business extra credibility which will help you compete against your competition.

3. Your article might also be placed on the publisher’s home page. If they publish each issue on their home page this will give you some extra exposure.

4. You might get extra exposure if the e-zine publisher archives their e-zine on their site. People might want to read the back issues before they make the decision to subscribe.

5. You will get free advertising. This will allow you to spend your profits on other forms of advertising. You could buy advertisements in other e-zines that don’t publish your articles.

6. You might get extra income from people wanting to hire you to write other articles, books, or even ask to speak at seminars. This is a great way to multiply your income.

7. You could allow e-zine publishers to publish your articles in their free e-books. Since people give them away, your advertising could multiply all over the internet.

8. You will get your article published all over the web when you submit it to an e-zine publisher that has a free content directory on their web site. They’ll allow their visitors to republish your article.

9. You’ll gain people’s trust. If they read your article and like it, they won’t be as hesitant to buy your product or service. You will then be able to increase your profits.

10. You could get your article guaranteed to run in an e-zine. You could agree to run one of their articles in your e-zine if, in exchange, they run yours in their e-zine. It’s a win/win situation.

David Perkins
AKA: daveylee
email: dPerkins@daveylee.com

When it seems like your goal is impossible, stretch yourself to reach it!

We’ve all heard stories, lessons, seminars and maybe you’ve heard more regarding goal setting. Hopefully you have written goals? Goals that inspire you to do what it takes to get you where you want to go in life.  You do have written Goals, don’t you?

This short post is not about goal setting or planning.  It’s simply about setting and reaching your goals… no matter what it takes.

In the past I’ve done some part time work in retail and I actually set goals for myself to accomplish on each shift. When I was recognized for a particular sales achievement I was asked how I managed to repeatedly achieve these particular results. My response was that I managed to do that by setting GOALS to always sell “X” number of certain items or combinations thereof on each shift.  That response resulted in lots of questions as to how goal setting helped me to do that.

My reply was simple. Goal setting gave me something SPECIFIC to shoot for and then I got busy and put my best foot forward to make it happen.  Sometimes, when customer flow was slower, I really had to stretch to reach my goals and sometimes that mark was not reached. However, if there was no GOAL to reach, sales would slump and any bonus I’d expected from the pool would decrease.

So, Goal setting isn’t just for getting a Big House, a Fancy Car or to earn a Million Dollars in the next few months or years.  Goals can work in your everyday life and when you implement and use Goals on a regular basis to get you where you REALLY want to go in life you’ll find that you can get there MUCH faster! It might just get YOU recognized for doing what you’re PAID to do! Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

This is not to say that Goal Setting (and Gold Maintenance) shouldn’t be a VERY important part of getting to where you want to go in life. To learn some really great tips on Goal Setting, spend a few minutes watching and listening to one of my favorite mentors on this subject.  Click HERE

David Perkins
Frederick, Maryland

Tracking your advertising for the best results.

If you’re not TRACKING your advertising, you are really wasting your time and money.  I had heard that for Sooooo long and totally ignored it.  Are you doing the same?  If so, take a few minutes and really get with this alternative that can really pay off for you.

Here we go so get ready to learn.  Turn off ALL your distractions for a few minutes, lock the door, turn off your phone and pay attention.

What is TRACKING?  Simply put, TRACKING allows you to know, visually with statistics, if your surfing or advertising is getting you results or not! If you read my Surfing page you know that I follow TrafficHoopla.com because they report which Traffic Exchanges give the best results for the week.  How do they know? They TRACK!

Here’s a quick example. I go to my tracker software and tell it to create me a link for my Traffic Hoopla affiliate link.  When I get that link, I use it on all of the ten top websites that are on the top-ten list from Hoopla and I use that same link on the top-ten sites from Affiliate Funnel.  Then I surf my socks off!  After a while, I log in to my tracker software and view the statistics for my Traffic Hoopla link.  It tells me, at a glance, how many cliks I’ve had from my surfing and IF there have been any conversions.

If you are buying credits on ANY website, you should be tracking what you’re advertising there to see if that is the BEST place to be spending your money.  Here’s why… Let’s say you have three places you want to advertise and you buy 1,000 credits on each of them.  You set up a tracking link for your campaign.  Then you use that link for your promotions on ALL THREE sites.  Yes, the same link.

Then you click to start the campaigns.  At the end of the 1,000 credits, you can see at a glance how many actual clicks you had on your exposures on these sites, how many actual exposures there were for the 1,000 credits (because some sites charge you several credits per exposure) and most importantly you can see if you had any conversions.  Now, do you start to see the value of Tracking?  Why I waited so darn long is totally unexplainable… but now that I know, its tracking heaven for me!

Want to get started?  There’s a great tracker that YOU can get FREE by going to the TEtoolbox.  You’ll find the Tracker under the Tools listing.  It’s super simple to use and there is a help feature if you need it.  Give TEtoolbox a go and you’ll soon find yourself tracking EVERYTHING!

To Your Success,

David Perkins (daveylee)

Boost Your Business by Including Social Media In Your Traffic Building Techniques

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To Your Success,
David Perkins

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Getting Traffic to YOUR Website(s)

You’ve likely heard that saying that so many of the Guru’s use to sell you their List Building course… “The Money’s in the List!”

There’s a lot of truth in that statement… and to build your list you do have to get your list building tools in front of a bunch of traffic. You do know what I mean by “list building tools” don’t you? Things like ‘Lead Capture Pages’ and splash pages or simply a web page that has you form ON IT! Whatever the tool is, it’s not effective if people are not seeing it. Agree?

One of the simplest ways that anyone can put their list building tools in front of a pair of eyes is though Traffic Exchanges. There is an actual exchange that occurs. You look at my page and I’ll look at yours! That is the simplest explanation there is. Actually using a Traffic Exchange (T/E) can be just a bit more complicated than that but not much.

Traffic Exchanges in their simplest forms are open to anyone who wants to view other people’s pages. You don’t have to be a member to look… only to show! So, why not join, show your pages and as you look at the other members pages… you’re earning credits that you can “spend” to have your page or pages displayed at a later date. Sounded like a great deal to me.

At the simplest level, you’re not likely to earn a full credit for viewing just one website. Maybe two, three or more views to earn one credit. But once you’ve earned it… it’s yours to spend later to buy views of YOUR pages. To increase the ratio (one to one or better) you can become a paid member of a T/E. Depending on the particular T/E and the membership levels that are offered, you can quickly earn a large quantity of credits to promote your page. And… even better yet, if you don’t have time to sit and view a ton of other pages to earn credits, you can often purchase credits in bulk and spend them as you see fit!

If you’ve looked around at some T/E’s you’ve likely noticed that most of them have banner ads, text ads and much more. You can also display banners and text ads on many of these websites. You simply use some of your credits to place your banners or text ads in the rotation.

The most pressing question I have always asked is which exchanges will give me the greatest return on my time and cash investment? There are lots of T/E’s out there and actually testing them yourself would be a royal pain… so why not go with someone who does the testing for a living? Someone who actually runs and tracks ads on all the top T/E’s. The Hit Exchange Report is compiled and delivered each Tuesday. Here’s a quote from their site: “One of it’s most popular features is the overall top 20. It’s a ranking of overall performance for the most recent 30-days. Data collected, around 1 million hits, is used to determine a composite score that then determines the ranking each week.”

This report is compiled using the following data:

Raw Hits + Primary Conversion + Secondary Conversion + Bounce Rate + New Visitors + Unique Hits + Commissions Paid = Overall Ranking

You can find out more about this report by visiting Traffic Hoopla today. The list we offer you in our “Top Ten” list of sites to surf comes from the latest list from Traffic Hoopla. We believe you’ll get the most beneficial responses from surfing these sites. Give it a go… Click HERE to view our preferred list of Traffic Exchanges.