Viewing The Total Eclipse of 2017 Safely

Today’s Total Eclipse is the first to span coast to U.S. coast in 99 years, So… eye protection or other methods of viewing it are a must for safe viewing of this solar eclipse. You can ‘Google’ the Solar Eclipse for lots of links to information on when and where and how to safely view the total eclipse but briefly let me share some safety information with you.

Direct viewing of the Solar Eclipse can PERMANENTLY damage the retina of your eyes. If your vision is important to you, don’t take chances.

How best to view the Eclipse? The website at recommends the following:

To safely view the eclipse, turn to:

No. 14 Welders Glasses, available at welding supply stores.

Pinhole projectors. These allow you to see the eclipse by projecting sunlight through a pinhole onto a viewable surface. Go HERE to learn how to make a great Pinhole Projector.

Aluminized Mylar filters/commercial glasses that do not have any damage or scratches. The American Astronomical Society says these should be verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard.

Here in Maryland, we will be seeing the greatest blockage of the sun around 2:30 PM EST. Watch carefully. If you have to be at work, the Eclipse will be streamed online by several sources (check or you can see it on TV as several networks have stated that they will cover it live.

Oh yes, I almost forgot… Many public libraries will be providing protective glasses for children to use to view the Total Eclipse. Check your local library if you don’t have any of these protective lenses for YOUR children or yourself.

To your Safe & Happy viewing!

David writes from Frederick, Maryland

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