Olympic Gold?

These days, when you turn on the television and hear something about “gold fever,” you can bet it is the Olympics that the commentator is talking about. Have you ever wondered just how much GOLD is actually in one of those Gold Medals?

If you have, you’re not alone. I was reading a note from one of the top Gold Websites the other day and discovered that the current Gold Medals are mostly Silver! Each Gold Medal is composed of 494 grams of silver, in fact, with only 6 grams of actual gold plating the exterior. The 6 gram gold content is actually the minimum allowed by the International Olympic Committee and they’re worth about $550 in precious metals per medal.

The 2016 Rio Silver Medals have 500 grams of sterling silver each with a value of about $300 in precious metals per medal.

The Bronze Medals are great to hang on your wall and they’re made of 475 grams of copper and 25 grams of zinc. At the current market rate for the raw materials they’re worth only about $2.50 each!

Just some interesting facts obtained from following the folks at: