What IS Network Marketing?

I’m reading another book this week and the subject matter is about: Understanding Network Marketing. If you asked 100 different people the question “What IS Network Marketing?” you would likely get close to 100 different answers. Some would tell you it’s probably a home based business. Others might go for specific company names they have heard of and then some might tell you that Network Marketing (NWM) is a scam. Yes, there are many who have tried and failed at NWM and as a result, instead of accepting the fact that THEY failed to do what is necessary to succeed and make money… they blame NWM as a whole. You may have met someone who has that opinion, right? Then there are some who will say that NWM is a Pyramid Scheme… (a common description a few years ago) and I simply tell them to go to Egypt if they want to see a pyramid. You really can’t win them all…

Cutting to the chase, the title of the book I’m reding is “The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life” by Don Failla. Network Marketing is also called Multi-Level Marketing or MLM for short. So WHAT is it? Marketing simply means moving a product or service from the manufacturer to the customer. Multi-Level refers to how the people doing that moving of product are compensated financially.

That’s a quick ‘what is it’ definition. We could talk for some time about the different ways companies compensate their team members but the bottom line is you get rewarded for moving products. The manufacturer makes product available for sale. You are able to purchase those products at wholesale and sell them at retail for a markup. The difference between those two prices is YOUR profit. You are also paid a bonus on the product volume you move.

Additionally, you are able to SPONSOR people into the business you are in as your team members. You are also paid a bonus on the product volume THEY move. This is where the ‘networking’ really comes into play as you network with others and find people who have similar wants and needs and are able to SEE the “bigger picture” that Network Marketing offers. When you Sponsor someone it becomes YOUR job to train them so that they understand what it really takes to make MLM work for them. If you don’t do that training… they will soon drop out and you’ll be looking for more people to Sponsor. People who don’t learn this often talk about having to get people in their business faster than they get out!

In the book, Don Failla says that you really don’t have anybody sponsored until you’ve taken them three levels deep. What does that mean? Let’s say you Sponsor Joe. Joe knows Sue and he Sponsors Sue. Sue is excited and knows everybody and brings on three or four new team members. About that time, if you have been doing training like you should and teaching your team members to do the same… Joe is really IN because he will be getting a regular check and he has something to lose should he quit.

This is such an interesting book. I have been involved with several different MLM companies and had I known what I am learning from this book… Life would likely be so different today for me and my family.

If you find this short post interesting and would like more information, reach out to me and I will get back to you.

David writes from Historic Frederick, Maryland


Understanding the Power of Leverage

I read a quote the other day about Leverage and it goes like this:

If you Don’t Understand
You’re working too hard

The definition of Leverage from www.merriam-webster.com is: The action of a lever or the mechanical advantage gained by it; power, effectiveness; the use of credit to enhance one’s speculative capacity…

Leverage, in your life can give you a tremendous advantage over those who do not have it, don’t use it or even know it exists. Many of us have found our niche in Network Marketing and that is somewhere you can truly leverage yourself into an upper income bracket.

So, how do you do that? In my opinion, you can do that by sponsoring at least five people who really want to work with you to build their business too. There’s no benchmark that says how many people you’ll have to go through to find them but finding those five is key. As you get to know them, it’s essential to TEACH them to also SPONSOR at least five people who really want to work with them like they’re working with you. When you’ve done that… you will have 25 people in your team. That’s Step One.

The Second Step is to TEACH those 25 to also SPONSOR at least five people who really want to work with them in business. This will have your team at a level of 125 business builders. Are you beginning to get the idea?

Step Three is to TEACH the 125 business bulders to teach those 125 to also SPONSOR at least five people who really want to work with them in business. This will have your team at a level of 625 business builders.

When you have reached this level in your business you will have (assuming none of these successful people has quit) 780 people in your network. If they each purchase their normal minimum Product Volume (PV) to qualify for their monthly volume checks (typically 100 PV) then your volume would be… 78,000 PV. And then when you add in the customer sales and the occasional purchases of all the other people all 780 of your team signed up that are NOT Business Builders… you’re probably looking at 80K PV per month.

The scenario I just painted for you may seem like a pipe dream to you. Will it work? Not unless you get started. But, when it does work, you are seeing the power of LEVERAGE.

Keep in mind: You alone typically purchase products from your business that qualify you for YOUR bonus check (minimum of 100 PV) but you are paid on approximately 80K PV. That my friend is LEVERAGE.

The story above is an example of what can happen if you apply Leverage to the principles of Network Marketing in your life. There are NO guarantees that the numbers will work out like shown above. Actually, the numbers cah work out to be MUCH greater or… nothing at all. It all depends on YOU and the person that sponsors you. I wish you the best in your ventures.

David writes from Historic Frederick, Maryland


Use the POWER of Social Media Marketing to build your list.

If you’re always on the lookout for new ways to find more prospects, you’re going to want to see this.

My friend and mentor, Gloria MacDonald, recently uncovered a brand spankin’ NEW way to attract prospects and recruit online.

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Network Marketing… THE Business of the 21st Century

In these days of seriously demanding financial times for so many people, I find that there are so many who are looking like crazy for something to do to fix THEIR economy and saying to heck with WORLD’s economy…

It’s obvious that we, as individuals, can’t fix the world’s economy so the only option is to fix OUR economy the best we can… and since you can only work so many hours in a job…. and who’s job is really secure anymore… we find ourselves looking for additional ways to create “other” income sources to improve OUR economy.

One of the simplest ways is to employ a proven method of creating an income stream is with Network Marketing. You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. The system is already laid out for you. There are leaders who will guide you along and teach you each step you need to take to succeed and if you don’t find that leader who will do that… BEWARE!  When you find your leader, latch on tightly and go for the gusto!  Give it all you’ve got. Learn all you can. Get in with the leaders. Go to meetings. Go to conventions.  Take YOUR team with you. Become the leader THEY look up to.

The greatest tip that I ever had shared with me is that to succeed in Network Marketing… I had to be willing to work harder for those who I introduced to the business than they did… so they would begin to succeed.  Why?  Because I would not succeed unless THEY did!  That’s why it’s so important to learn the system and then TEACH the system.  And, to get your team to YOUR leadership so they become as inspired and excited as you are.

The power (of Network Marketing) is not in the product; the power is in the network. If you want to become rich, the best strategy is to find a way to build a strong, viable, growing network.Robert Kiyosaki

David Perkins
AKA: daveylee
email: dPerkins@daveylee.com

How’s Your Network Marketing Business Building Coming Along?

O.K! So you’re in Network Marketing… and let’s assume that you’ve just paid your enrollment fee and you’re all fired up to make your first Million Dollars. Now What?  Did your sponsor tell you to make a list of everyone you know and then call them up and get them in your business?  Not so fast!!!

My first question to you would be… How do you handle REJECTION?

Some people simply do not hear the word NO and they go right on like nothing ever happened… and they’re the “Exception to the Rule!”

The average person hears a few NO’s and they roll up their mat and go home to lick their wounds. Many networkers have simply quit, even after paying a hefty entry fee to a MLM program, just because a small number of people told them NO.

So, instead of starting out in this manner… how about approaching your “contacting method” in a different manner so that you simply don’t have to experience this rejection?  As a matter of fact, what if we could make it so that you could win, even if the people you share your offer with tell you NO? A situation like that can be created and, if you’ll stick with me for a few minutes, you’ll see exactly how to do that.

What would you say if you were offered a method that would get people contacting you and asking to get into YOUR business? Would something like that work for you?  If it would, then you’re in luck as that’s exactly what this short article is about.

I love studying people and I came across a fellow network marketer that failed repeatedly to get his networking business going until he took the advice of a mentor that shared one tidbit that has made him wealthy! Please note that I’m not claiming to be a genius or YOUR mentor here… I’m just sharing what I’ve come across and hopefully it will make your path to success a little (and maybe a LOT) easier.

So what is the secret?  Actually there isn’t one! The whole idea is so totally simple that anyone could have come up with it. I discovered this concept in a program entitled “Magnetic Sponsoring” which offers you a process that you can adopt to begin writing and speaking in ways that motivate people to want to do what YOU’RE doing and to do it with YOU! The entire Magnetic Sponsoring course is relatively inexpensive and don’t let the low price put you off… the content is worth MANY times the price.

Now, what’s in the course? First you’re exposed to Attraction Marketing and you’re educated on some facts that your Network Marketing sponsor will NEVER tell you… and that’s because they probably have “No Clue!”  You’re introduced to the concept of Magnetic Sponsoring, How to find the BEST Prospects for YOUR business, the Psychology of Magnetic Sponsoring and probably one of the MOST important concepts (in my mind) is how to Position Yourself As An EXPERT in your niche so that You Can Attract Leads TO YOU!

And then, equally important… you’ll learn how to get paid, even when your leads say NO to your primary business offer.

So, are you interested?  I thought you might be. This program is authored by Mike Dillard, a multi-millionaire, who built his fortunes using the tips and techniques taught in this course. If he can do it… so can you!  Get a copy today and start putting the content into practice.  To get your copy, CLICK HERE.

David Perkins
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