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Social Media and You.

In our lifetime we have experienced many technological miracles. While Social Media platforms may not qualilfy as a miracle, they can work miraculously to connect you with thousands of other like-minded individuals. If you're currently using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to connect with others I commend you. While many people only use platforms like Facebook to share pictures of their pets and children there are serious business minded people using Facebook to build six and seven figure businesses. And LinkedIn is home to thousands of business minded individuals and you can connect with them quite easily. While I'm not so informed about Pinterest, I do know that friends of mine use Pinterest regularly to reach out to their network. And so can you...

I would invite you to connect with me on both my Facebook and LinkedIn pages and say hi. You can reach out to me at the following links:

If you want to reach more people so you can build YOUR business online, Social Media is a GREAT way to do it with your internet connected device. Below you'll find links to some great tools that will help you reach your prospets, connect with them and then close the deals to make you money.

You'll hear it from all the Guru's out there online that Content is Key to building a following. Well, what if you have no clue what to write? Here's a product that helps solve that challenge for you. It's entitled The Endless Stream of Content Ideas Generator - You can download your free copy HERE.

With every Social Media platform there are secrets you need to know that will make life easier and your list of connections larger. Here's a short list of "10 SECRET HACKS to Build Your Business & Grow Your Downline FASTER!". You can download your copy HERE.

I am more excited than ever about LinkedIn, and how you can use it to effectively grow your team. BUT, you have to know some secrets that most top earners donít ever talk about. Here are "Four Steps to Power Prospecting" You can download your FREE copy HERE.

As you prospect using Social Media you'll likely want to Recruit some of the people you connect with. There are methods that work best on Social Media and you need to know what they are. Start learning how to Recruit successfully online with 60 Minute Power Recruiting.

The last thought I'll leave you with is this... You will get more attention from prospects when you GO LIVE on Social Media. You may be scared to do that but you simply have to face the fear and do it anyway. Here are some simple steps that will help you get started with putting yourself LIVE online. "Five Steps to Live Video for Anyone" You can download your FREE copy HERE.

For a comprehensive course that will teach you how to Dominate LinkedIn... here is the course that changed everything for me on Social Media. It's not free but the results you can achieve by following the training will change everything for you. More connections, new conversations, an increased SSI score and much more. If you're ready to master LinkedIn then you need THIS COURSE.

Speaking of your SSI score, you may or may not know that you have one if you use LinkedIn. You can learn about it by watching this YouTube Video.

Here's to YOUR Success!

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