Frederick County, Maryland Civil War Memorials

There are four (4) plaques that accompany this memorial. The memorial's main plaque tells the story of what happened on this location in July of 1864 during a bloody battle in which Union troops from New Jersey saved Washington, D.C. from being taken over by the Confederate army. This memorial stands between the Scenic Monocacy River (in the background) and the railroad tracks (to the right) that run near where they did back in 1864. See the details of the plaques below.

There was a sign in the parking area for this memorial that details some of the history of the battle that took place here in 1864. The entire sign is shown below and you may click on any of the three links below the sign to read ALL the details (closeup) that are shown on the sign.

informative sign about the Battle to save Washington, D.C.
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The Battle of Monocacy

The barttle of monocacy image

As you travel south out of Frederick, Maryland on Route 355 you'll discover these two stones on the right side of the road just past the last developed area. They are monuments in testament to "The Battle of Monocacy" that occurred here on July 9, 1864.

The battle of monocacy image

The larger of the two stones holds a plaque placed in memory of the Confederate Soldiers that perished on the battlfield in this conflict.
Read the text of the plaque in the image below.

The battle of monocacy image

To the left of the larger stone is the actual monument to the battle. The two images that follow are of the stone and then there's a closeup of the text on the pages.

The battle of monocacy image

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To the right of these two stones is a Maryland State Roads Commission sign that is also of historical merit.
See it below.

Stonewall Jackson sign image

About half a mile south of the stone monuments (shown above) is the Monocacy River. Shortly, after you cross the Monocacy River, you can turn right onto Araby Church road. Travel just a short distance and on your left you will discover the monument shown below.

Pennsylvania soldiers monument image

This monument was erected by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to commemorate the bravery, sacrifice and patriotism of the troops who fought in The Battle of Monocacy. See the engraving on the monument in the image below.

Pennsylvania soldiers monument plaque image

Below is a closeup of the top of the monument.

Pennsylvania soldiers monument top closeup image

The Coat of Arms of these Pennsylvania soldiers is shown below.

Pennsylvania soldiers monument top closeup image

Passing the Pennsylvania monument above, you quickly come to Baker Valley Road on your right. In the northwest corner of that intersection you will find what is referred to by some people as the Red Cross monument. It was erected by the State of Vermont to designate the position the Vermont soldiers occupied during The Battle of Monocacy.

Vermont soldiers monument image

The plaque on the Vermont Monument is shown below.

Vermont Monument plaque closeup image
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