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Please Note: I am an affiliate for the products listed above. If you purchase them through my link(s) I may earn a commission. I promote these products because they are valuable to me in growing my online business and if you use them as intended... I believe they will help your business too.

Social Media and Your Business

In our lifetime we have experienced many technological miracles. Social Media platforms may not qualify as miracles, however, they can work miraculously to connect you with thousands of other like-minded individuals. If you're currently using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to connect with others I commend you. Many people only use platforms like Facebook to share pictures of their pets and children. In contrast, there are serious business minded people using Facebook to build six and seven figure businesses. LinkedIn is home to thousands of business minded individuals with whom you can connect quite easily.

I would invite you to connect with me on both my Facebook and LinkedIn pages and say hi. You can reach out to me at the following links:

List Building With An Autoresponder

We (who are networkers) hear it all the time... "The Money Is In The List!" So how big is YOUR list? It is common knowledge that on average, every name on your list can be worth $1 so if you have 1,000 people on your list... you could logically expect to earn in the area of $1,000 per month... if you are actively messaging them with enticing offers that appeal to their area of expertise or interests.

So how do you go about building this huge list so you can have a huge income? Without a huge layout? It helps to have a Domain Name ($15 or less) and a hosting account for your website (averaging from $5 and up/per month), a FREE WordPress blog (usually a "one click" install in your hosting account control panel, a nice theme and an autoresponder. Those are the working parts I would want right away. Then you need something to send out to gather people's contact information, typically called a "Lead Capture Page" or LCP. I use AWeber for my autoresponder and they offer a really nice Lead Capture Page builder and an totally customizable form builder that will capture your contact's information for you. AWeber also has some really good training offered. Something I have personally experienced with AWeber is GREAT customer service. When I have had problems getting something to work, I have picked up my phone and called them. I ALWAYS get GREAT customer service and they work with me until my problem is solved. By the way... I am only paying $19 a month for this awesome service!

To make the most of ANY Autoresponder service I would suggest getting yourself a copy of this FREE eBook entitled Autoresponder Profits System. You can get your copy HERE

If you would like to experience some of that great service and build your list, I can't recommend them highly enough. And, if you do not yet have an autoresponder, you can get their service for FREE... with limits. The limits are: One list and FREE ends when you go OVER 500 people on your list. Then they start charging you. However, if you're monetizing your list, that should not be a problem, right?

If you'd like to check out the FREE offer, click the banner below. Hope this will be of benefit to all who read it and take advantage of what's offered.

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