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Social Media and Your Business

In our lifetime we have experienced many technological miracles. While Social Media platforms may not qualilfy as a miracle, they can work miraculously to connect you with thousands of other like-minded individuals. If you're currently using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to connect with others I commend you. While many people only use platforms like Facebook to share pictures of their pets and children there are serious business minded people using Facebook to build six and seven figure businesses. And LinkedIn is home to thousands of business minded individuals and you can connect with them quite easily.

I would invite you to connect with me on both my Facebook and LinkedIn pages and say hi. You can reach out to me at the following links:

Please Check Out the Shaklee Opportunity

David Perkins

Hello! My name is David Perkins and I am a Shaklee Representative and Business Builder.

I am looking for people who are hungry for an income stream that they can build. One that can pay them for a lifetime!

If you're one of thousands who are became un- (or under) employed over the last year or so and you're looking for an alternate way to create some income (maybe a bigger income stream than you might imagine), the Shaklee Opportunity is one you could actually benefit from.

I will help you build your business. My sponsor in Shaklee will ALSO help you build your business.

Does Shaklee take work to build? Physical effort... NO. Persistence?... YES!

How much income do you need to create to get back to living life like you could BEFORE this virus took it's toll?

Don't answer personally. Just write down that number and be able to share it when we talk.

We'll show you what you'll need to do to get there. And YES, it can be done. Not overnight... but it CAN be done.

Go to: https://us.shaklee.com/distributor-benefits and scroll through the page.

If you like what you see and would like to know more, go to my PERSONAL Shaklee page at: https://pws.shaklee.com/dlp/ and click the CONTACT ME button.

There you'll find my contact information. I would love to chat with you and get any questions you might have answered. If I don't know the answer, I know who to ask to get you that answer.

I look forward to hearing from you. I constantly field questions from those who want to know more about Shaklee and I would love to welcome you as a new partner in the Shaklee Family.

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