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We're re-working these pages and adjusting to the latest changes that are suggested by the owners (and a majority of the users) of the best performing Traffic Exchanges online today!

When I started surfing for credits a number of years ago, surfing 25 times at any traffic exhange was considered extreme. Today, if you don't surf at least 50 - 100 times at a Traffic Exchange, you're all but considered to be a "slacker" and I don't know many people who like to be called that!

One of the Best ways (in my opinion) to promote efficiently at Traffic Exchanges is to use a website rotator. Why? because you post one link and every time your link is clicked, a different site is displayed. Depending on the quality of the Rotator Service and IF the Traffic Exchange you're on allows them... you can list a LOT of different links on your rotator. Keep in mind the fact that there are good Rotators and then there are Premium Rotators.

In the meantime, if you have not yet selected a Website Rotator to deliver your splash pages to the programs where you are doing your "Clicking," then I'd suggest that you take a look at at MY Favorite Website Rotator and get started with the best Rotator in town. Most all of the Traffic Exchanges accept this rotator because the owner shares the code with Traffic Exchange owners that they can use to see EVERYTHING that you have listed on your rotator at any given time!

There's a FREE and an UP-GRADED version. I'd highly recommend the UP-GRADED version as you get a lot more options and services! Then, any time you want to change what you're promoting online, you only have to go to ONE place to make that switch and that's to your Rotator page! It's a real help and a time saver... believe me! Just be responsible and NEVER post anything that breaks the Terms of Service (TOS) for any of the Traffic Exchanges where you surf

MY Favorite Website Rotator - The Website Rotator PRO Marketers Use!


Last updated: 22 Aug, 2017

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