The issue of Gun Control in America

I don’t normally rant on political or social issues on my blog. However, while reading today I noticed a post on a blog that I read regularly that really resonated with my way of thinking.

I am a military retiree (U.S. Navy) and it really frustrates me when politicians and liberals in general get going on Gun Control. I honestly do NOT know what their TRUE agenda is but I honestly doubt that anyone’s safety is actually what their end goal is.

For those of you who think Gun Control is a good thing, I would suggest you ask the citizens of Australia how that’s working for them. Some years ago Australia confiscated ALL the guns and pulverized them. Well, that’s what they said they did… but unfortunately, the criminals somehow managed to keep theirs and they terrorize the citizenry at will. Only the police, military and the crooks have guns. If anyone has one and uses it to protect themselves or their family, THEY are instantly in the wrong and suffer the consequences. How wrong is that?

Then we throw in Terrorists and what they want to do to us nowdays and being defenseless is NOT something I want to be. But, many of our elected officials want just that… and the terrorists are loving it… and donating lots of money to those politicians.

Even though there is no such thing as an issue that everyone agrees on, matters surrounding autonomy and self defense are of major interest to terrorists.

Since their goals usually include harming people and spreading fear, they absolutely laugh with glee when one group seeks to disarm another within the same society; especially when the people being disarmed (example veterans) are the ones terrorists want to murder.

See the whole article HERE.

David writes from Frederick, Maryland