Why Shaklee?

If you’re a Network Marketer you are always seeing what the “other guy (or gal)” is doing and quite often you find yourself wondering if their company would have been a better choice.

I must admit that I have made several changes of companies during my life but… this time I am home to stay. And if you wonder Why Shaklee? I am here to tell you.

In my search for a company to work with I have never discovered so many reps who have been with the company for SO long. Some have been with Shaklee for over 50 years. Many of you reading this aren’t even that old yet! So what is the magnetic property about Shaklee that attracts and holds reps when other companies do not? In my opinion, there are several factors but above all… it’s the feeling I have of not just being a Number. Everyone likes to matter, to belong, and that is a feeling I get here. Plus, the support I have received from “way up” the line of sponsorship is top notch. As I mentioned, many of the reps have been with the company for a LONG time but just because they have… they are NOT asleep at the switch. If you speak with someone a number of years your senior in the company, it’s great to hear them speaking with the excitement of a teenager! This company is in the hands of a CEO that has a HUGE vision for the future and you’re welcome to be a part of that future.

For the remaining days of January 2019 you can become a Shaklee distributor by simply making a product purchase. That’s right, you can get a $49.95 Distributorship Free with your purchase of product(s). Check my website for a complete look at our line of products. You can visit my website by clicking HERE. Reach out to me if you have any questions or would like to do a three way call with team leaders who have answers to all your questions.

Day Three Part 2 of The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee

I wondered how long it would be before the “Cleansing” began. Wonder no more! I felt quite a rumbling inside and headed for the bathroom. When you do the cleanse, make sure the VENT FAN in your bathroom works! I wonder how long some of what was “cleansed” from my personal “septic system” had been in there… but it’s there no longer. If this is “too much information” for you that’s O.K. but in sharing this you can know that the The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee does what it is advertised to do! It WILL clean you out!

Breakfast was awesome. All those Blueberries and Strawberries really spiced up the Oatmeal. Also two slices of toast and light coat of butter.

Lunch was a bit different from yesterday. A huge serving of fresh vegetables (no dressing today) and a serving of green peas, warmed up in the microwave, with two glasses of water.

Mid afternoon snacks included fresh fruit (canteloupe, honeydew mellon, apples, carrots and broccoli) and again, lots of water. So much water, it feels like my insides are swimming!

My evening meal was maybe a bit outside the menu but I’m hungry and I had a huge crunch salad with vinegar and oil accompanied by a healthy serving of pinto beans. And as usual, followed by big glasses of water. I say big because my glass holds 24 ounces of water.

I would show you pictures of today’s meal but WordPress just updated to the latest version and it changed how images are added. I hope to figure that out quickly!

I just took my evening 7-Day Healthy Cleanse pills and yes, I told you yesterday I’d talk about them today so here goes. Like the morning pills, there are 5 Alfalfa Complex and 2 Liver Detox pills. Different in the evening you find two Herb-Lax tablets. Herb-Lax is for occasional irregularity. It’s a natural and gentle laxative that encourages a mild cleansing action to aid the body’s natural processes.

Tomorrow’s lunch is all packed and in the frig ready to go with me to work tomorrow. Similar to Monday’s lunch, just MORE!

If any of you reading this wonder what the price of The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee is… you can get it from my website at http://dlp.myshaklee.com for around $50.00 and then you go shopping for all your fruits and vegetables. My experience tells me the package of tablets is minor compared to the expense of all the fruits and vegetables I am consuming on this diet… but… Once a year to “reset” my systems for another year is worth it to me. You change the oil in your car (if it’s not electric) don’t you? Have you ever seen the oil after it has been in an engine WAY past the time to change it? YUCK!  If you have, compare that to YOUR system. Isn’t regular cleaning a GOOD thing?

More tomorrow as I forge on through day FOUR of The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee.

Check back often as I will post more comments along as I follow the steps of The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee.

David Perkins
David writes from Frederick, Maryland

Reach out to David at: davidperkins045@gmail.com