Day Six of The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee

I’m almost to the end of the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse and I have used so much Dental Floss that I thought it important to mention that you might want to make sure you have some around when doing the cleanse. Why? With all the veggies that I’ve consumed during this Cleanse I have managed to wedge lots of small pieces in between my teeth and Dental Floss has been my salvation.

Today was like most of this week. Oatmeal and toast for breakfast with one cup of coffee. 16 ounces of COLD water with my MORNING pills and supplements.

As I went through my work day I snacked on Fuji Apples and COLD water. Lunch again was as pictured in my post on Day TWO.

On the way home I picked up more Organic Blueberries and Strawberries. I really like the way my Oatmeal tastes with them on it and seasoned with Stevia so I’m going to continue eating it that way even though the 7-Day Cleanse will be completed on Saturday.

My snack this afternoon, at home, was half of an Avocado, celery sticks and apple slices.

For my evening meal I think I’m going to have a smoothie using Shaklee’s Life Shake Plant Protein Powder, a Banana, frozen berries and a cup of Coconut Milk.

For those who are interested, I still am having NO headaches from cutting WAY back on my Coffee intake and my personal energy level is actually better than before starting The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee. I was afraid that only having fruit and vegetables would not be enough to keep me going but by adding in occasional salads, a banana, some beans and LOTS of COLD water… Life is GOOD!

And yes, the “Cleansing” has NOT stopped. By the end of the week I expect I will be “squeaky clean” inside if my trips to the bathroom are any indication. Reminder to those who want to do the Cleanse… have plenty of Toilet Paper on hand. You’ll need it! But then, that’s a good thing and a big part of the purpose of doing The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee.

Hopefully I’ve covered any questions you might have. If not, my email address is below. Feel free to ask questions!

Tomorrow will wrap this up and THEN WHAT? Doing the Cleanse and then going back to doing what I had been doing would be self destructive… to my way of thinking. So I will begin taking a really good Multivitamin and having a smoothie every morning (after my oats) to ensure I get enough protein in my diet. More on this tomorrow…

To YOUR Health,

David Perkins

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