Day Three of the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee

Tuesday is my day-off during the week and I awakened to a growling tummy instead of an alarm clock! Seriously!!!

So I rolled out and headed for the refrigerator to see what was available for a quick snack that works for the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee.

I found a half full tray of fresh fruit which I quickly consumed. That helped SOME… While eating the fruit I fixed me my ONE cup of coffee and began cooking my Oatmeal breakfast. I use BULK Oats from the local health food store instead of some brand name product at the grocery that you probably are familiar with.

Yesterday I only seasoned my Oats with Stevia and Blueberries. Today I’m adding fresh Strawberries as well! Should really spice up the taste and the good thing I have learned is that both Blueberries and Strawberries are REALLY good for you, healthwise. (In reasonable quantities, of course.)

Now it’s time to eat so I’m gonna post this and get down to solving that “human alarm clock” that is still going off in my empty tummy!

Check back often as I will post more comments along through the day as I follow the steps of the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse by Shaklee.

David Perkins
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