The 7-Day Healthy Cleanse… Day One Experience

Today went well. We (my Wife and I) had Steamed Vegetables for lunch. (See below) LOTS of water through the day and no additional coffee or sodas. Snacks included a big tray of raw vegetables from Costco and fresh cut fruit plate from the Giant grocery down the street. In all, no noticeable hunger and no headache from NOT drinking a lot of coffee.

Steamed Veggies for Lunch today.
Steamed Veggies for Lunch

The evening meal consisted of stir fried vegetables. The recipe says use Olive Oil but since I had less than I thought I did… I used Organic Coconut Oil instead. The Coconut Oil gives a really wonderful taste to the veggies. Oh yes, we stir fried: Bok Choi, Kale, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Sliced Carrot, Red Cabbage and LOTS of Onion.

Tomorrow’s lunch is all packed for me to take with to work. One Banana, two sliced Fuji Apples and fruit and dip from the tray of raw vegetables from Costco with a little dip on the side. And I have three liters of filtered water ready to go with me.

I just took the evening packet of pills for the 7-Day Healthy Cleanse and my regular supplements with LOTS of water. Hopefully I won’t have to get up too many times in the night to run to the bathroom to pee. This plan calls for LOTS of water ALL day long.

This cleansing takes some actual effort but then again… What is my health worth to me? EVERYTHING!!!

Stay tuned for Day Two’s reporting.

David Perkins
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