Income Opportunities – Part 3

In my last posting I mentioned that there are other ways you can build a following to share your GDI opportunity. Our Team Leader suggested that the following are great places to advertise and promote your business and I agree.

1. Herculist and EasySoloAds at:

2. Fiverr at: All Advertisement Programs and Places to Promote are just $5 bucks!

3. Here’s a list of the “Top Ten Safelist Programs” that our Team Leader used in the past and still uses! I am checking them out one by one.

Our Team Pages suggest that you can earn quite a bit of money by promoting GDI and building a team. That is the case. YOU have to promote the program and build a team and ONLY then will you reap the fruit of your labors. There is NO “Easy Button” on our pages…

Speaking of teams, I am a member of an awesome team that is headed up by a pair of twins who have years of experience in business, both online and offline. You can see our Team Page HERE.

Until next time,

David Perkins
writing from Frederick, Maryland