Mistakes That People Make In Network Marketing Programs and How To Avoid Them

Network Marketing, or NWM, has taken the world by storm.  This ingenious manner of direct selling allows the customer to become a representative of a NWM program.  As a result, the customer/recruit would be given the opportunity to earn from his or her efforts.

NWM has been implemented for the online audience in recent years, further elevating its popularity to new heights.  Many are joining NWM programs but only a few are succeeding.

The reason?  It’s because countless network marketers are committing the same mistakes over and over again.  Instead of learning from the errors of their predecessors, they’re falling victim to the very same faults, thus jeopardizing their chances of attaining success in the NWM field.

What are these mistakes?  Better yet, how can you avoid them?

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Succeeding in Network Marketing

All too often I hear comments from people that I speak to, regarding Network Marketing (NWM), that go like this… I can’t do this because it takes too much time or… This is too much like work!

What so many people who are new to NWM fail to realize is: A big secret to succeeding in NWM is getting a LOT of people involved, each doing a little instead of a few doing a LOT!

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Calling all Network Marketers

It’s 2014 and time for me to put the pedal down and get busy with my Networking. How about you? Have you put off, for way too long, getting serious about building your Network Marketing business? I must admit that I have.

So what inspired me to get back on my soapbox and crank it up again? I’ve been reading ( I do that a lot) and this time I picked up a copy of a book that I’d had laying around to eventually read and for some reason it’s the one I took to bed with me the other night.  I stayed awake WAY too long reading as the book is TOTALLY captivating!

If you’re in Network Marketing, your company is probably mentioned. This book is not about a specific brand, it’s about what it takes to succeed in Network Marketing and nothing else. The author asks some excellent questions… such as: Why do Network Marketing?  Well, for starters… It’s legal! Companies have been using this distribution method for over 50 years.

Why should you choose your Network Marketing company carefully?  Most companies fail, some succeed in a huge way! Statistics indicate that there may be close to 2,000 Network Marketing firms in the United States alone… much less the world.  The big names (you know the ones) do billions each year in sales and they’ve been around for 30 to 50 years. Others come and go like the tides.

Why shouldn’t you ever quit? Most distributors give up long before they could have succeeded! You have to really WANT IT to make a go of Network Marketing. It’s not for the weak in spirit. That’s a fact!

You should know that Network Marketing is a PLAYER in the economy today. With over $100 Billion in annual sales, Network Marketing companies are not to be overlooked as great companies to connect with to profit from and with.

And they’re growing! Oh yes… They are growing and some are growing exponentially!

So… what do YOU need to do to be successful in Network Marketing.  The book teaches a three step process. Whatever your company sells… USE it yourself.  Then, RECOMMEND these products to others and finally, INVITE others to “take a look” at the income opportunity.  Some will.  Some won’t. So what? Just keep on Recommending and Inviting.

Oh yes, in the process of Using, Recommending and Inviting, some people will actually purchase your product(s). Some will become long time customers purchasing repeatedly and some will actually see the “Opportunity” and go for it! All you have to teach them to do is… how to Use, Recommend and Invite.

Your goal?  Find FOUR who will use, recommend and invite as passionately as you! You help them find four each who will also use, recommend and invite as passionately as the both of you! You and your front line help the next 16 find their action taking four!  And so on…  Commitment is required. If you can walk, talk and chew gum… you’ve got it made!

Oh yes, I highly recommend you buy the book and read it repeatedly. If what I’ve shared so far excited you, you’ll  LOVE the rest of the story.  It’s title: The Four Year Career by Richard B. Brooke (Author)  Available on Amazon.com

Until next time,

David Perkins
Frederick, Maryland