When Prospects Can’t Afford Your MLM Share This…

How many times have you gone through your MLM presentation with a “hot” prospect and have them end the conversation with words to the effect that they can’t afford your program’s Autoship Product or worse… they can’t even afford to get started?

You know they need this program you’re promoting because they can earn lots of money with it if they’ll just work it. So, what do you do to overcome that hurdle?

If you’re a fast talker and you talk them into it anyway… they’ll just quit after the first or second autoship and you’re out an active distributor in your downline so why bother.

But if you show them a way that they CAN’T AFFORD NOT TO USE then there’s a chance you’ll enable them to improve their finances and at the same time, YOU may get an active distributor in YOUR downline!

So, how do you enable this for your downine? Or even for YOU???

I would suggest that first YOU should go to the website below and study the content. Then order the book that is described. When it comes, take a day or two off and lock yourself away to absorb the content of the book. YOU can benefit financially and when you’re doing what you teach, it’s much easier to talk about the content, the principles involved and how it works. Plus, your talk will be MUCH more convincing when you are speaking from experience!

Go HERE and check out step #3. That will get you started.

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David Perkins
AKA: daveylee
email: dPerkins@daveylee.com