What does July the 4th mean to you?

Long may it wave!

In the United States July the 4th has been, for many years, a day on which we Americans typically celebrate our independence. Yes, we were once considered “The Colonies” by the British and after a bitter war, our independence was declared. Our “Founding Fathers” wrote what is now known as the Declaration of Independence and they followed it up with some serious rules by which all of us, here in these United States should live. Those rules form what was the original Constitution.

In today’s world, those Founding Fathers would likely “roll over in their graves” if they only knew what our current government leaders are doing to corrupt those rules that we were all supposed to be living by.

Achieving FREEDOM in today’s age is more challenging than ever before. We’re bound by more rules and restrictions all the time… no matter what country you’re living in and reading this. There’s always a percentage of the population that MUST be helped and our governments tax us to care for that group of people and then they tax us again to give money to people who will NOT work (who could if they just would) and they also tax us to build roads, fight wars, build jails and build sports stadiums for prisoners in Guantanamo. All these things are done whether we really approve of them or not.

In situations such as this, how can one become independent? More specifically, How can you become Independently Wealthy?

And that is followed by this question… What do I mean by Independently Wealthy??? You may have a totally different opinion but here’s my description of the person who is Independently Wealthy: That person has so much money coming in that they don’t really pay any attention to how much the tax rate is or what they’re taxed for… because they have some of the best tax attorneys providing them the best advice on how to keep most of their money in their hands (in one form or another) in places that are safe… no matter what happens.

If becoming Independently Wealthy is a goal that you would aspire to… how would you propose to achieve that goal?

I only know of one path that the average earthling can follow to reach that goal and the path flows through a highly successful Network Marketing Company. I know… I can hear you now! Not that! Well my friends, Network Marketing is the ONLY way I know that a person with limited funds (but un-limited desire) can reach the status of Independently Wealth!

If you want me to tell you what company to go with… you’re out of luck! There are lots of companies that turn out Millionaires every year. Their plans do Work… if YOU work them. YOU need to find a program that fits with your personality and desires. Being comfortable with the products, business plan and the management of a company is, in my opinion, VERY important in the scheme of things where becoming wealthy is concerned.

Then… you must remember what I call the “Prime Directive” of Network Marketing. I believe it was Zig Ziglar who said something like… “If you help enough people get what THEY want, you’ll get what you want.” In Network Marketing that means you help those you bring to the business (your team) achieve their goals and dreams. As they do that, your star begins to rise. The more people you help achieve their goals and dreams the higher your star rises! As you teach your team to do the same thing… their stars rise even higher and… guess what… so does yours!

So rather than the bad rap that Network Marketing has been given by some, I call it a business of helping people achieve their dreams. It is an OPPORTUNITY to help others and in turn… you help yourself! Learn to put others first and YOUR success is right around the corner.

In the next post we’ll talk briefly about the Network Marketing company that I like the most and… WHY!

Have a Safe and Sane 4th of July wherever you are.

David Perkins
AKA: daveylee
email: dPerkins@daveylee.com