When it seems like your goal is impossible, stretch yourself to reach it!

We’ve all heard stories, lessons, seminars and maybe you’ve heard more regarding goal setting. Hopefully you have written goals? Goals that inspire you to do what it takes to get you where you want to go in life.  You do have written Goals, don’t you?

This short post is not about goal setting or planning.  It’s simply about setting and reaching your goals… no matter what it takes.

In the past I’ve done some part time work in retail and I actually set goals for myself to accomplish on each shift. When I was recognized for a particular sales achievement I was asked how I managed to repeatedly achieve these particular results. My response was that I managed to do that by setting GOALS to always sell “X” number of certain items or combinations thereof on each shift.  That response resulted in lots of questions as to how goal setting helped me to do that.

My reply was simple. Goal setting gave me something SPECIFIC to shoot for and then I got busy and put my best foot forward to make it happen.  Sometimes, when customer flow was slower, I really had to stretch to reach my goals and sometimes that mark was not reached. However, if there was no GOAL to reach, sales would slump and any bonus I’d expected from the pool would decrease.

So, Goal setting isn’t just for getting a Big House, a Fancy Car or to earn a Million Dollars in the next few months or years.  Goals can work in your everyday life and when you implement and use Goals on a regular basis to get you where you REALLY want to go in life you’ll find that you can get there MUCH faster! It might just get YOU recognized for doing what you’re PAID to do! Now wouldn’t that be sweet?

This is not to say that Goal Setting (and Gold Maintenance) shouldn’t be a VERY important part of getting to where you want to go in life. To learn some really great tips on Goal Setting, spend a few minutes watching and listening to one of my favorite mentors on this subject.  Click HERE

David Perkins
Frederick, Maryland

Getting into the habit of posting regularly takes commitment

Getting into the habit of posting regularly takes cormmitment and it takes really wanting what you can gain by becoming a “regular” on the blogging scene. As you can see by the irregular spacing of my posts, I’m not as regular as many of the bloggers who post regularly ?

Does that make me a “slacker?” Hopefully not! It’s just that life gets in the way and at the end of the day when there’s a choice of getting some sleep or doing the post I know I “should” make… sometimes the bed wins.

So how do you (or I) overcome the urge to rush off to dreamland and instead make that post that gets us one step closer to our goal of whatever we ultimately desire?

Nike came up with what I call the ULTIMATE one liner and that’s the attitude I have to take to get the job done. That One Liner? “Just Do It!”

So, here it is at 20 minutes after one in the morning and I’m sitting here hoping to come up with something inspiring and worthy of being read by someone who can and will relate to what I’m saying here. If that happens to be YOU… I’ll only ask you this: “How much longer do YOU want to put up with getting up early, getting dressed in clothes that aren’t paid for yet,  driving to work in a car that’s not paid for either… to a job that you hate but you have to keep so you can pay for the clothes and the car that you don’t own and so you can live in the house you don’t own and leave empty all day long so you can pay for it… someday, maybe???

Do you see why I’m still up at this hour of the morning? I could be sleeping you know… Instead I’m hoping some of you will see that you’re not alone.  You know… we can overcome! There’s hope yet…  and there’s a team that we can all work in and through to beat defeat.

Join me in beating the debt, the worry, the job and whatever else is driving you nuts! We can do this. Yes we can!  Join me here today at: http://daveylee.mlmleadsystempro.com   Let’s work together to win our separate battles, together!  OK?

How’s Your Network Marketing Business Building Coming Along?

O.K! So you’re in Network Marketing… and let’s assume that you’ve just paid your enrollment fee and you’re all fired up to make your first Million Dollars. Now What?  Did your sponsor tell you to make a list of everyone you know and then call them up and get them in your business?  Not so fast!!!

My first question to you would be… How do you handle REJECTION?

Some people simply do not hear the word NO and they go right on like nothing ever happened… and they’re the “Exception to the Rule!”

The average person hears a few NO’s and they roll up their mat and go home to lick their wounds. Many networkers have simply quit, even after paying a hefty entry fee to a MLM program, just because a small number of people told them NO.

So, instead of starting out in this manner… how about approaching your “contacting method” in a different manner so that you simply don’t have to experience this rejection?  As a matter of fact, what if we could make it so that you could win, even if the people you share your offer with tell you NO? A situation like that can be created and, if you’ll stick with me for a few minutes, you’ll see exactly how to do that.

What would you say if you were offered a method that would get people contacting you and asking to get into YOUR business? Would something like that work for you?  If it would, then you’re in luck as that’s exactly what this short article is about.

I love studying people and I came across a fellow network marketer that failed repeatedly to get his networking business going until he took the advice of a mentor that shared one tidbit that has made him wealthy! Please note that I’m not claiming to be a genius or YOUR mentor here… I’m just sharing what I’ve come across and hopefully it will make your path to success a little (and maybe a LOT) easier.

So what is the secret?  Actually there isn’t one! The whole idea is so totally simple that anyone could have come up with it. I discovered this concept in a program entitled “Magnetic Sponsoring” which offers you a process that you can adopt to begin writing and speaking in ways that motivate people to want to do what YOU’RE doing and to do it with YOU! The entire Magnetic Sponsoring course is relatively inexpensive and don’t let the low price put you off… the content is worth MANY times the price.

Now, what’s in the course? First you’re exposed to Attraction Marketing and you’re educated on some facts that your Network Marketing sponsor will NEVER tell you… and that’s because they probably have “No Clue!”  You’re introduced to the concept of Magnetic Sponsoring, How to find the BEST Prospects for YOUR business, the Psychology of Magnetic Sponsoring and probably one of the MOST important concepts (in my mind) is how to Position Yourself As An EXPERT in your niche so that You Can Attract Leads TO YOU!

And then, equally important… you’ll learn how to get paid, even when your leads say NO to your primary business offer.

So, are you interested?  I thought you might be. This program is authored by Mike Dillard, a multi-millionaire, who built his fortunes using the tips and techniques taught in this course. If he can do it… so can you!  Get a copy today and start putting the content into practice.  To get your copy, CLICK HERE.

David Perkins
Frederick, Maryland

How to Attract active members to your Network Marketing team.

Would you like to know the secret to getting ACTIVE members on YOUR Network Marketing team?

Almost everyone that I pose that question to comes back with a resounding YES!  Well, my friends, there is a way to make that happen and it is so much easier that I ever thought it could be.

So many of us in Network Marketing have run across new people who are Sooooo excited when they get started… only to see them fizzle out quickly when they find out that they have to talk to people!  Why is that?  It must be something in their makeup.  Anyway, the simple fact that Mom and Dad told them to never talk to strangers still lingers in their heads and often people will use that as an excuse (without realizing it) and simply will not go after people who could really take their Network Marketing business to new heights.

If you have trouble with the phone or have team members that experience that challenge, there’s a solution!  Yes, a solution… and that is to become the person that has people calling THEM and asking to get into their business!  When people call you and ask (maybe beg) to get into your business… it becomes so much easier to talk to them.  Wouldn’t you agree?

How do you first, become that person who people want to be with and have mentoring them?  The truth is that it won’t happen overnight… but it can happen and the best way I know to begin that change in you (or your team member) is through a training process.  The course I highly recommend can be found HERE.

Sample the free video lessons and then go for the course. Life simply is NOT the same when you have people calling or emailing you and asking to get into your business.  Check it out today!