Water is good for you… if it’s good water!

When you think of your health, what comes to mind? The air you breathe? The food you eat? How about the water you drink every day?

Every day of our lives, we turn on the water tap to get a drink of water. We tell ourselves that in the United States, water is basically safe to drink. We reassure ourselves that contaminated drinking water is only in emerging countries – or perhaps a few isolated spots in North America.

Without water, arms couldn’t flex, eyes couldn’t see, and the heart couldn’t beat. Water is an element so fundamental in our lives that it comprises over 60% of our body weight. With only 1 percent of the Earth’s water available for drinking, we need to take this natural resource a little more seriously.

Across North America, reports about contaminated drinking water occur frequently. Incidents that make news, however, are only a part of the problem. North Americans can be ingesting any number of different contaminants without even knowing it.

Concern about the quality of drinking water is growing. Many residents believe their tap water quality is poor or only fair at best. We are concerned about the quality of your tap water, how about you?

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