Getting Traffic to YOUR Website(s)

You’ve likely heard that saying that so many of the Guru’s use to sell you their List Building course… “The Money’s in the List!”

There’s a lot of truth in that statement… and to build your list you do have to get your list building tools in front of a bunch of traffic. You do know what I mean by “list building tools” don’t you? Things like ‘Lead Capture Pages’ and splash pages or simply a web page that has you form ON IT! Whatever the tool is, it’s not effective if people are not seeing it. Agree?

One of the simplest ways that anyone can put their list building tools in front of a pair of eyes is though Traffic Exchanges. There is an actual exchange that occurs. You look at my page and I’ll look at yours! That is the simplest explanation there is. Actually using a Traffic Exchange (T/E) can be just a bit more complicated than that but not much.

Traffic Exchanges in their simplest forms are open to anyone who wants to view other people’s pages. You don’t have to be a member to look… only to show! So, why not join, show your pages and as you look at the other members pages… you’re earning credits that you can “spend” to have your page or pages displayed at a later date. Sounded like a great deal to me.

At the simplest level, you’re not likely to earn a full credit for viewing just one website. Maybe two, three or more views to earn one credit. But once you’ve earned it… it’s yours to spend later to buy views of YOUR pages. To increase the ratio (one to one or better) you can become a paid member of a T/E. Depending on the particular T/E and the membership levels that are offered, you can quickly earn a large quantity of credits to promote your page. And… even better yet, if you don’t have time to sit and view a ton of other pages to earn credits, you can often purchase credits in bulk and spend them as you see fit!

If you’ve looked around at some T/E’s you’ve likely noticed that most of them have banner ads, text ads and much more. You can also display banners and text ads on many of these websites. You simply use some of your credits to place your banners or text ads in the rotation.

The most pressing question I have always asked is which exchanges will give me the greatest return on my time and cash investment? There are lots of T/E’s out there and actually testing them yourself would be a royal pain… so why not go with someone who does the testing for a living? Someone who actually runs and tracks ads on all the top T/E’s. The Hit Exchange Report is compiled and delivered each Tuesday. Here’s a quote from their site: “One of it’s most popular features is the overall top 20. It’s a ranking of overall performance for the most recent 30-days. Data collected, around 1 million hits, is used to determine a composite score that then determines the ranking each week.”

This report is compiled using the following data:

Raw Hits + Primary Conversion + Secondary Conversion + Bounce Rate + New Visitors + Unique Hits + Commissions Paid = Overall Ranking

You can find out more about this report by visiting Traffic Hoopla today. The list we offer you in our “Top Ten” list of sites to surf comes from the latest list from Traffic Hoopla. We believe you’ll get the most beneficial responses from surfing these sites. Give it a go… Click HERE to view our preferred list of Traffic Exchanges.