Thanksgiving 2009

In this year of 2009 many of us, here in the United States, have less to be thankful for than we had last year… thanks in a large part to the current economic situation.

The most thanks, however, goes to the members of Congress and the “Current Administration” who are spending money that they DO NOT HAVE and can get only by taxing us and taking away even more from us… so we’ll have even LESS next year to give thanks for!

Yes, that’s a mouthfull…  and all true!

I got the news yesterday that an associate’s home had burned to the ground while she was away at work. Fortunately her father, who is wheelchair bound, was able to get to the door and escape… with the dog! All they have left is the clothes on their backs… What to be thankful for???  Well, for starters, the place was insured!  And she has lots of friends who are pitching in to help out, both financially and otherwise.

Stories like this give us hope in this time of year. Knowing that there are still good people around who will help you out when you’re down on your luck. Having good friends is so important these days… and in these days of isolation and not necessarily knowing who your neighbors are… maybe it’s a good time to actually find out?  Say a friendly Hello!  Don’t lower your eyes or turn away.  Instead, open up just a little and let a friendship happen. Hold that door for someone, let them go first, smile instead of scowl.  Little things can mean a lot so think about it and take a turn at being the best YOU that you can be!

You may not have a HUGE spread to invite folks over to share but you can still be nice to people… and NOT just during the holidays… but all year long.

Here’s hoping YOU have something to celebrate at Thanksgiving and that you have someone wonderful to celebrate it with.  A great meal is just a nice PLUS in the equation… from my point of view!

And, lest we forget, we’re able to celebrate Thanksgiving day because of our Men and Women of the Armed Forces who serve so that you don’t have to! Remember them always in your prayers and in your contributions, when asked.

Happy Thanksgiving,

David Perkins (aka: TheTrafficMechanic)

A “load time penalty” for your website?

If you’re a regular user of Traffic Exchanges in the promotion of anything online you might be interested to know some information that is being bantered around by some of the SEO people at the top.

First, a couple of facts:

1. I was reading along in my emails this weekend and I discovered an article that mentioned the possibility that the Search Engines may soon add your website’s “Load Time” to the criteria that determines your ranking in the search engines.

2. While surfing on Traffic Hoopla’s list of the top ten Traffic Exchanges this past weekend… I noticed that several of the sites actually “timed out” my browser because they were so slow to load.

Now, that all said… considering that many of the Traffic Exchanges display content for as little as six to 20 seconds… before you can click to the next site, is YOUR page being fully shown? How much time does it take for YOUR page to load? Have you ever counted? Or timed it? Don’t you think you should???

How often have you had one of the Traffic Exchange (T/E) owners suggest that you use a “Splash Page” to lead to your main page? Now do you get why? Are you getting the message???

Just this past week, three of the top T/E owners got together and re-launched the TrafficExchange Toolbox (which is free) and guess what one of the MAJOR components in that package is? Yes, a Splash Page builder! And, I hear it’s a real Beaut! You can check it out right HERE.

Best wishes on getting YOUR website to load REALLY fast and check out those splash pages, they work really great!

David Perkins
The webmaster

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