Thoughts for your weekend

Another weekend is upon us, a month is ending and a new month is starting.

In my marketing world, weekends are work days!

Weekends are the days when everyone that’s anchored to a desk, a computer, a saw, shovel, hammer or other tool can break free for a couple of days and act like they’re in charge. But are they?

Most would love to be… or at least that’s what they say.

But, when I offer them a plan for actually “taking charge” and “firing their boss” I sense all kinds of “shields” going up around them.  Why is that?

It is my firm belief that they do NOT believe that they could actually handle being in charge!

Most who read this will scoff and tell me I’m wrong.  They’d say… “Give me a chance to show you!”  And when I offer a real opportunity with a plan for doing just that… they run the other way or make excuses as to why they can’t do it right now.  Catch me on a different day… they say.

So what’s your thing?

Do you want to stay chained to that desk, or whatever it is you do for way too many hours each week for way too little money?

Or do you want to “Break the Chains?”

There are many opportunities that you read and hear about on the internet and sometimes from people you meet in your daily life.

Many years ago I met someone who offered me an opportunity and that same opportunity still exists today. It’s one that has withstood the test of time, the courts and many who joke about it on Late Nite TV shows and elsewhere.

This one company has produced more millionaires than any other program I’ve ever heard of. It’s international and has recently begun promoting itself on Network Television programs. The word is out! Are you looking?  If you are, and you want to be amongst those who are “Doing It” then I suggest you don’t go for the latest and greatest… but instead take a long look HERE.

Have a Great Weekend

Dave Perkins
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Bottled water is in the news again!

From Yahoo News – “Stricter labeling urged for bottled water” according to the Government Accountability Office and the-Environmental Working Group.

  Bottled water should be “a distant second choice” to filtered tap water.
  “Consumers are misinformed about bottled water.”
  EPA limits the presence of impurities in tap water but not in bottled water.
  Is YOUR bottled water anything more than regular “Tap Water?”
  Is it really safe? How would YOU know???
  Some companies charge as much as 1,000 times more for bottled water.

With these statements made… it makes sense to purchase an EFFECTIVE “In-Home” water filter that will provide YOUR families with clean and pure drinking water. Doing that will help YOU save a LOT of money. Actually, it won’t take long for the filter to pay for itself!

In doing my research on water and it’s benefits, I discovered an article that stated just HOW MUCH water you should consume DAILY to remain properly HYDRATED. Do YOU have ANY idea just how much water YOU should be consuming to remain properly Hydrated???

Take a Guess! Do you THINK that eight glasses of water is the correct answer?

That MAY be the correct answer… IF those are eight ounce glasses, if they’re full, and if YOU weigh 128 pounds!


Researchers have determined that to reach Maximum Hydration you should consume One Half of your BODY WEIGHT in Ounces of WATER daily!!!

In the example above… half of 128 pounds = 64 and eight, eight ounce glasses of water will provide you with your 64 ounces of water.

Now lets “Do the Math!”

To consume that much water daily, you’d need four bottles (16 fluid ounces each) of water daily) and at an average cost of $1.49 (some are more and some are less) you’ll shell out $5.96 plus tax daily.

Multiply that by the 365 days in the year and you have a WHOPPING total of 2,175 dollars and 40 cents!

Did you realize just how much you would spend to keep YOU properly hydrated? What if you have a family of four? That would be over $8,000 just for water!

How can you afford that in these difficult economic times?


Purchase your OWN, EFFECTIVE, “In-Home” water filter and save money.

An example of such a filter system can be seen HERE. This system will deliver 1,320 gallons of clean, pure water before it’s time to replace the filter. Considering that one gallon of water will provide 16 EIGHT ounce glasses of water, you’ll have plenty of water to care for you and your family.

If you “Do the Math!” you’ll see that the cost PER GALLON is 45 CENTS per gallon! That’s the equivalent of EIGHT bottles of water that we estimated at $1.49 each? Now do you see how this can SAVE YOU MONEY and provide you with clean, pure water?

Something else we did not mention before is the fact that as the water sits in those plastic bottles, the chemicals from the plastic leaches into the water and YOU are drinking that? Depending on HOW LONG the water stays in those bottles… you may consume more or less of the chemicals that are in that plastic!

Consume NO MORE CHEMICALS!!! Buy your own filter and drink Clean, Pure water!

Order your system today!

By the way, did you notice that the cost of the replacement filter reduces the cost of your Clean, Pure water in the second and subsequent years to only 13 cents per gallon! And you’ve been paying HOW MUCH for bottled water??? Get real! Order your system today. Get it HERE right NOW!

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