Solving Life’s Little Problems…

In today’s economy it’s common to overhear conversations that I categorize as “Gloom and Doom.”  So many people find themselves in Overwhelm and after a while… when no solution presents itself, they don’t always make the best decisions.

Hopefully, you are not in that situation… and if you are, I am NOT a coach… so don’t expect any of those great words of wisdom from me.  I do know a great coach, however, and if you ask me I can put you in contact and it’s possible you can find your way out of your dilemma.

In the meantime, if some extra cash would help you out of the situation you’re in… I have some ideas in that regard and I’ll share them with you in the next few paragraphs…

This week I happened to be in a state office building near where I live to set up an LLC for a business we’re starting.  I was amazed at the number of people that were there, in what’s supposed to be a DOWN economy, starting their OWN businesses!  I guess, when you’re laid off or just need to make money, striking out on your own seems like the right way to go for more people than I thought!

That said, have YOU ever had thoughts of starting and/or owning your own business?  It can be an intimidating thought. And then, if you start a “Home Based Business” you could actually run a business out of a spare room in your house or from your kitchen table.

I’ve started several of these and some have done much better than others.  The ones that did well were the ones in which I listened to those who were provided to guide me to success.  When I followed in the footsteps of those who were where I wanted to be… darn if I didn’t also have tremendous success.  There were some disappointments along the way but by and large, when I followed the plan that was laid out for me… I made money!  And, when I started doing it MY WAY… that’s when my business headed for the tank.  There’s a lesson there!

With so many of today’s society fitting the mold of “Baby Boomers” I took note of the many complaints that I’ve heard in general chit-chat about aches and pains and general sluggishness, overweight challenges, difficulty in sleeping and lack of energy. I’m afraid that much of this is a result of the way many of us eat and or drink.  Too much coffee, too many sweets and way too few fruits and vegetables in our diets.

As I am a military retiree, and an old country boy, I was always a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Living overseas and meeting new people after I retired lead me to a much more vegetarian lifestyle. Quitting smoking, getting more exercise and a healthy diet has helped me to reach the ripe old age where I find myself. I’m now observing some of those aches and pains as a “baby boomer” and I wanted a way to combat them naturally… as all the pills that are promoted on the “Idiot Box” typically cause more problems than they ever cover up.  Notice that I didn’t say they fixed anything…

In my search for something Natural to help me live longer and enjoy that extra life span more… I discovered that the natives in the Amazon Rain Forrest have lived long and healthy lives and one of the main reasons for that long and healthy life is the Acai berry. I did some serious research and I found that everybody is selling something with an Acai berry in it and I can even get them in raw form at my local health food store.

What my local health food store doesn’t tell me is that when they allow those little berry pieces to stay on the shelf, a high percentage of the power that the berry passes to the person consuming it diminishes tremendously over time. A very short time!  So, I discovered that I needed to go to the Amazon Rain Forrest and get my own berries and eat them right there, much as the natives have for centuries… or, find a way to get the berries to me in their full potency!  What a dilemma I was in.

More research was in order because I’m really not up for a trip to the Amazon!  What I discovered is this… There’s a company that has worked a deal with the local harvesters in the rain forests of the Amazon region.  The harvesters have quit cutting down the trees.  Yes, they were doing this for the wood!  Now, they’re harvesting the berries and the company freeze dries them right there on the spot and ships them to the USA for processing.  This keeps the berries from loosing their potency!

In return for not cutting down the  trees, the local people in the Amazon are learning to manage the berry crops, and the company responsible for all this is plowing a large portion of it’s profits back into the region to help the children who live there.  Things like schools, medical care and clothing that these kids would never have otherwise. If you’d like to be part of something “Bigger than you” then this is where you need to be!

The company behind all this is MonaVie. The products they offer are all juices that combine the Acai Berry and a number of other fruits and berries that together provide you with a wonderful drink and long list of benefits…  like antioxidants, nutrition and just four ounces of MonaVie provide an antioxidant capacity (ORAC value) equivalent to 13 servings of common fruits and vegetables. If you drink it every day, you’ll treat your body to a nutritious blend of 19 fruits designed to help you maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

When was the last time you drank four ounces of anything that gave you all that?

Now for the good stuff…  This is a GREAT business opportunity!  Actually, it’s an EXCELLENT business opportunity and if you have ever done “due diligence” before, you will know after doing your due diligence on MonaVie that it is really a Top Notch business.  It’s financially free and that’s saying something today! Why not check it out?

If you need money, the investment is low and the profit potential is whatever you want it to be. We have more than enough support to match whatever you can create in the way of team effort. If you only want to sample the product, you can do that HERE.

However, if the idea of checking out the product AND the company works for you, then please click HERE.

Use Caution when promoting your MLM business online

Today I was out for a walk and my cell phone rang. The most cheerful of young ladies was on the other end of the line and her goal was to sell me on using her companies SEO services to put my MLM website at the top of the search engines… in my companies listings.

Fortunately I have some insight here and I want to share with you how easy it is to get ripped off by someone who really doesn’t know what YOU are doing and really doesn’t know the rules!

I know for a fact that there are literally thousands of web pages online that look EXACTLY like the “self replicating website” that I have from my MLM company. Many distributors have NEVER even looked at their page(s) and it is my opinion that very few persons are actually sponsored as a result of the page… as it stands. So, why pay an SEO firm to promote one in a million when nobody’s looking anyway?

If you really look into the website that your company “gives you” to use so that you can share your program with others at a distance, you might be surprised at how much information is really there. I know that I was… and once I REALLY looked, I decided to put ALL that information to GOOD use!

Having been around Network Marketing for a LONG time, I’ve been to my share of hotel meetings and I really didn’t like them. So, what I did was use the information that is contained in my company provided page, as reference material, to support a web page that I created to lead someone through the company, the offer, the product, the benefits and finally how they can create an income stream should that be something that interests them. It’s almost like they were at a hotel meeting… but they can do it from the comfort of their home, the office or wherever their browser is located.

Having done this, I now find my company provided website to be worth a TON of money to me! It’s actually a HUGE resource. Hear me there… it’s a HUGE Resource. But it’s not a real attention getter on its own. So I’m using it for what it does best and I would suggest you do that as well. And don’t PAY anyone to promote it for you because you’re NOT likely to benefit from that. If you can dispute this, please comment below and I will “Stand Corrected!”

When someone calls and wants to promote YOUR MLM’s corporate web page for you… tell them NO THANKS. You will find that many of the Network Marketing Companies have some STRICT rules when it comes to doing online advertising. You must play by their rules or you can risk loosing your distributorship.

Always play by the rules. Not doing so can put you in so much hot water with the big boys and after all… it’s their company and if you don’t want to do it their way… they’ll tell you good bye and that’s it! You might flush a great profit stream down the toilet with a bad choice. So read the rules and play by them.

If you want to know how to get around all that, Promote yourself and when folks ask YOU how you’re doing so well, once they have asked you… you’re free to tell them ALL ABOUT the Network Marketing Company you represent. You can show then the website and any other promotional information you have. This way, you’re playing within the rules.

Should you want help from a REAL EXPERT in the industry and not take MY word for it, please click HERE to find out more and get some great video’s, FREE of charge, in the process.

To Your Success,

David Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)
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Are you using Attraction Marketing in your Online Business? If not, You should be…

As I was going through the list of all the new people who had clicked to “follow me” on Twitter over the weekend… I discovered one name that I immediately recognized.  She’s well known and she’s written several publications that have sold around the world to marketers of all venues.

That she would follow me made me feel good but I knew there must be something “IN THIS” for me…  She didn’t follow me because I’m me… did she?

Well, truth be known, she does have a new piece out in print and I’ve downloaded my copy.  I’ve read a good chunk of it and that’s what I’ll be reading this evening… instead of watching the TV!  Learning how to use Attraction Marketing in my online business sounds VERY interesting to me.  I doubt that there’s anything on TV worth watching anyway… and they’re not going to teach me ANYTHING that will help me create a living in today’s economy…  They’ll just tell me how bad the economy is and that I should run for cover.  Well, my opinion is that the TV should probably go out with the trash tomorrow and most of the newscaster’s opinions with it!

Sorry I digressed…  Let’s get back to the new report!

The author is Ann Sieg and her latest publication is “The Attraction Marketer’s Manifesto.”  You may have read her previous works… “The Renegade Network Marketer” and if you did… she claims that there were some “needed pieces” that this new work fills in.

You can find a copy of the report at:

Here’s  direct quote from her note about the new report:

It’s a 75 page PDF report and it contains a lot of extremely valuable information that will help you build a profitable network marketing business.

It’s definitely a MUST READ! (Why?)  Because I don’t think any of the stuff that’s covered inside it can be found anywhere else on the Internet. Not even in other products that many people charge you for…

So, Get on over to the link and get your copy and start reading!  It could change your life forever!

Dave Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)