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Did YOU Enjoy A Long Weekend?

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Now that the Thanksgiving weekend is about over (mid-afternoon on Sunday) it’s about time for some rest! This has been a tiring weekend and a VERY trying weekend for some who may read this post. People who live where nothing EVER happens probably complain because nothing ever happens… but turn on the Television and suddenly living in a place where nothing ever happens just might not be so bad? Take for instance the poor worker in California who was trampled to death by crazed shoppers at a WalMart on Black Friday. Or all those who were murdered, wounded or terrified by terrorists in Mumbai, India. And, just getting into the terminal in Bangkok, Thailand became impossible with the protesters filling up the place and bringing Air Travel to a screeching halt there… Hope you weren’t there for the weekend!

Here in my back yard it was just beautiful. Kinda chilly but beautiful for raking up leaves, trimming the vines out front (huge trumpet vine) and finally putting up the Christmas Decorations before it gets too darn cold to put them up at all! And I got to see two out of three of our Kids this weekend and that really made it a winning weekend for me!

Life just can’t be lived TOTALLY in front of my computer… but don’t tell my clients that! They must think I don’t have anything else to do… and if it wasn’t for them, I must might not have anything TO DOo… so no more complaining.

How has this year treated you? Did you accomplish the things you meant to? Build all the business you planned to? I certainly did not meet all my goals but I was able to help a few others meet theirs… and that kinda makes me happy.

This past week I heard from a good friend and client that he’s back! That’s right, Jim’s back! This time last year he was looking at a “prognosis” that was NOT joyous… The doctor said he only had a short time to live. Several EXPENSIVE surgeries later… “golly, gosh” there wasn’t any cancer after all! Surprise, Surprise! Now the “diagnosis” is that he has a CLEAN “Bill of Health!”

If you EVER need INK for your printers, copiers or fax machines, get in touch with Jim and he’ll give you a GREAT price on ALL the INK or TONER you ever need! Visit with Jim HERE.

Actually, this past week had me getting emails from people I met many years ago while traveling all around the world. From places like Midway Island to the Red Sea. Yes, parts of my Navy life really were an “adventure!” Other parts… well, we won’t go there! Hmmmmm.

If you’re really into the blogging scene, you may have noticed that MY blog is still using a rather OLD version of WordPress. It’s about time to backup everything and come bounding into the present and start using the current version of WordPress. I was reading an article in one of Mike Paetzold’s blog posts, recently, where I believe he explained some of those upgrading things. Guess I’ll have to go back there and check it out. You do know who Mike is, don’t you? He is “Mr. Blog.” You can catch him at Mike Paetzold Recommends. Tell him Dave Perkins sent ‘ya!

My upgrade will take more than just a couple of clicks as I’m one of the “over 50” crowd and I’ve been using a hosting company for my websites that has really done me right… but they do not offer the CPanel version of a control panel and my upload of the blog to my server is still via FTP… and since it’s maybe once every couple of years… I really don’t mind. After all, a server that stays online 24/7/365 isn’t one to complain about! If you want really stable and secure hosting for YOUR website, check out my Hosting Company… the price is right and the service is “almost” instant!

Catch you again soon!

David Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)

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Happy Thanksgiving 2008

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

There was a time when anything that I might write would never have been read by anyone outside of my little community. “Community” being defined as a group of homes in my little town… here in the United States.

With the advent of the internet, what I write can now be read all around the world and elsewhere in the universe if you believe, as some do, that we’re not here alone…

So what does Happy Thanksgiving mean to you? For many who live in the United States it’s a time of year when we typically gather with friends and family that we probably haven’t had time to be with since the last year or maybe longer. The day is typically spent sitting around catching up on the past year’s events, eating much more than we should and many watch football (American style) on television… or actually at the event!

For others in the world, who are hard at work or wherever you are, my wish for you is that you have a very SAFE, Peaceful and Profitable day. As I watched the television last evening and observed the horrifying events that unfolded in Mumbai, India I realized that I truly do have much to be thankful for. My prayers go out to those who were (or are) injured as a result of the terrorists actions. If you’ve lost friends or family, Peace Be With You.

To all my friends,

Happy Thanksgiving

David Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)

Get yourself an RSS Reader and start reading!

Friday, November 21st, 2008

If you’ve read the two previous articles and are still curious and/or are interested in having RSS feeds coming to your desktop then you’re in for a treat today.

You must know by now that there is so much more information available on the internet than any one, or group, of persons can track or follow thoroughly. So, scanning for key information becomes necessary. That’s what your RSS Reader allows you to do with a click of the mouse! You set up your RSS Reader to send you information based on certain subjects, areas of interest or on certain key words that you add to a list. Or, you can add the “RSS Feeds” from websites or blogs that you WANT to follow but just don’t have time to check on each day.

There are a number of RSS Readers to choose from and I’m not into recommending any specific Reader to you… but after looking for what might be the easiest RSS Reader for you to recommend to YOUR followers… I decided to give a nod to the NewsGator reader. You can get a free download HERE

Just sign up and choose the information sources you want to be kept updated on. You can also add keywords and RSS Feeds easily.

For those of you who may already be using OTHER readers… congratulations on being ahead of those of us who are just learning! There are a HUGE number of internet users in the “over 50” crowd and we did NOT grow up with this as an every day part of our life and we’re largely in a “catching up” mode of operation… but we’ll get there!

Thanks for reading and make sure to drop a line if you have questions that are not answered here and you need help getting going!

David Perkins (aka: trafficmechanic)

More on RSS Feeds

Monday, November 17th, 2008

In our last post we discussed how to get subscribers through the use of RSS feeds. The methods listed work really well and we hope you’ll check them out.

The next topic is Responsibility in use of RSS Feeds. While reading through my Twitter account today I ran across a ‘tweet’ from @steverubel that led me to an online article entitled: “10 myths of blog marketers debunked.” The article is somewhat of an eye-opener in that you may have some ideas that will be changed once you read the article…

If you’re a serious blogger, I’d say it’s something you should at least read and consider. I’m not saying it’s fact, fiction or otherwise. Just read it and proceed well advised. If you have any questions, consult the appropriate advisers, whether legal, financial or otherwise.

Find the article: “10 myths of blog marketers debunked” HERE

David Perkins

(aka: trafficmechanic)

Getting subscribers to YOUR blog with an RSS Feed

Friday, November 14th, 2008

If you’re an aspiring writer and you long for a list of subscribers to your blog posts then take heart! This morning, while looking through a long list of articles that other writers have written about how to get traffic to your website… I discovered a really interesting article that has a list of 50 ways to gain RSS Subscribers to your blog.

What? You don’t know what RSS is? OK! RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. A friend told me recently that if it was so darn simple that everybody would be using it and I sorta agreed. At least, until I read this morning’s article!

So… no more suspense! Go get it, read it and put it to GOOD USE. You’ll please notice that MY RSS Feed icon is no longer at the Bottom Right of the sidebar… but instead it is now at the TOP! Read it HERE!

If you don’t know how to move stuff around in the sidebar, email me and I’ll share the “How To” with you. email me at:

Have a great day and enjoy learning about how RSS Feeds can benefit YOU!

David Perkins

(aka: trafficmechanic)