Ultimate SEO Automation

If you’ve tried everything else and it just isn’t getting the job done… then it’s time to take a look at the Ultimate SEO Domination package that is Automated and will acutally dominate pages on Google for YOUR niche!

I know, you don’t believe me!  Well, go check it out! You will see what the deal is and it’s Amazing!

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*Article Submission
*Instantly Creates User accounts on
* Gmail.com (The software uses this newly created Gmail Email Account based on your niche for other account creation)
* Yahoo.com
* WordPress.com
Creates Sites Using your Content and Links on :
* Geocities.com
* Tripod.com
* Yahoo 360 Blogs.
* Msn Blogs
* Blogger Blogs
* WordPress Blogs
* Google Knols
* More Coming!
* (Software strategically links these free sites together.

* Posts your Videos to YouTube and
19 Video Directories.

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Are YOU making money with YOUR blog?

I get emails all the time that tell me that I can make $1,000 a month with my blog. Do you get the same emails? I’ll just bet you do… and what have you done about it? Anything? Nothing?

There are tools that make some of the steps to earning cash with your blog somewhat easier. Today I discovered a PlugIn for WordPress that makes linking your KeyWords to your Affiliate Links (you do promote affiliate programs don’t you?) a virtual SNAP!

It’s so simple. You download the PlugIn. Un-Zip it and FTP it up to your server. Then you log into your blog’s admin area and activate it! That’s how complicated it is…

Now, when you are writing an article, you can have your KeyWords “already linked” to your affiliate page and anytime you insert them in your article… they’re automagically hyper-linked to your affiliate page.

This can save you so much time! And, if you’ve been writing articles for some time on a certain subject and you have used these same keywords… this plug-in will automatically link those KeyWords to your affiliate page in any back articles that a blog visitor pulls up to read. How cool is that!

Seeing is believing… so get on over to the sales page and check it out. You’ll be thrilled at your results!

Go HERE now! easyWPaffiliate

Back to YOUR Business after a LONG Labor Day weekend!

OK! Now that Labor Day weekend is gone and the kids are back in school… we now have time (maybe) to get back to creating a business online that can put our finances back where they should be.

To do that you’ll likely build a website and want traffic coming to it regularly. Actually you’ll want traffic in droves 24/7, 365! Meaning ALL the time… even when you’re sleeping.

To get the traffic to your site you will need to do just like old time “brick & mortar” stores did and that is to hang out your sign. Obviously, on the internet, you do not use a “physical” sign. It’s DIGITAL… and it’s IMPORTANT!

What you do to promote and attract visitors can really make or break your business so doing the right things the first time is vital to your success.

Everyone online who’s had any success at all will tell you that you need a list! How do you get one? There are lots of ways and the simplest is to buy one… and that is a consideration. We’ll get to that approach in another post. But for today, let’s just look at how YOU can build a list.

When you have your website online, you’ll want a “Gateway” or “Splash” page that gets a readers attention quickly AND that offers them a place to add their name and email address to your list. To get them to add their name and email address to your list, most of us offer something in return. Either an eBook or a Report that is “on subject” and that provides your visitor timely and worthwhile information.

Just do a search online and you can find tons of information for sale if you don’t already have something to give away…

Now, that gateway page… How do you do that? We have a suggestion… and that is to join with me and with James Grandstaff in using a great splash page builder that comes with an ebook to offer your site visitors and this program can, if you promote it well, be an income stream in and of itself. Check out the first ebook offered HERE.

Stay tuned for other eBooks and offers in the next couple of days.

That’s it for today…

David Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)