Getting Traffic to YOUR Website(s)

It makes no matter whether you’re a struggling beginner or a Long Time marketer who’s still having challenges getting “targeted traffic” to their website… there is a cure! That’s right, there is a cure.

I’m certain that you’ve read or heard about AdSense and AdWords. These are two terms that I have little experience with and I’m getting traffic like there’s no tomorrow… so we Won’t be discussing those two terms in this segment.

So, you want traffic, do ya?  Well, come on down and let’s get started.

First things first.  What are YOU promoting? Are you promoting a website, a splash page or an affiliate link?  Typically, those are three of the most viewed items online.

Second, what results do you want? Are you looking for someone to click a link, read a post or send you money?

Third, how have you been promoting your program?  Are you surfing on Traffic Exchanges?  Are you buying traffic to your site?  Or are you buying leads and calling prior to sending them to your website?

If you are promoting anything online and you want a LARGE volume of traffic to see it, I would seriously suggest the use of a Splash Page or a Gateway Page.  They’re all but the same thing, just with different names.  The idea is that EVERYTHING that anybody MUST know to get visitors to at least “Peek” at your website must appear “above the fold” on your computer monitor and it should do so quickly.  Quickly, in internet time, is typically about five seconds.  If anyone has to wait much more than seven (7) seconds for a web-page to appear on the screen they usually click on to the next site and you just missed out!  If you’re paying for traffic to a webpage that fits that description… you’re probably wasting your money!

If you promote with Traffic Exchanges, you should definitely be promoting on the sites that provide the best results!  I would venture to say that all of us have our favorite sites and some that we’ve been loyal to for a LONG time… however, that loyalty may have become misplaced.  Instead, your loyalty should be placed where your results will be the greatest and that is with sites that constantly rate in the top 10 to 20 Traffic Exchanges on the net.  How do you know what those exchanges are?  I always go to Traffic Hoopla for that information…  Each week you can see the results of their research… and yes, it is real, honest to gosh research!  Just do the math and you’ll be relying on Hoopla yourself in no-time flat!

More again in the next installment.

David Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)
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Are YOU A Traffic Magnet?

Successful internet marketers will tell you that the formula for online success is:

Traffic + Conversions = Success.

For many beginning Internet Marketers who just don’t have a lot of cash to spend on advertising or traffic… Surfing on Traffic Exchanges has been how many of us started… and many still do that today.

Times are changing and today Gateway Pages are the Rage! They’re all but mandatory if you ever want to be seen on the Traffic Exchanges that have the short timers. Why? If your website or webpage has lots of graphics and audio or video content that plays automatically the timer will likely expire before your site is loaded and the surfer will “click on” before seeing your site.

So, if you don’t use Gateway Pages and surf for hours on end or BUY traffic, how in the world do you get traffic to convert to equal Success? The latest trend is to build Networks or an “audience” through the many Social Marketing sites that are available. Micro-blogging is becoming the HOT trend. The term “micro-blog” relates to the amount of text you can share per post (for example: On Twitter, your post is limited to 140 characters) so these are not long winded posts… just the facts! If you’re over 30 years of age and have children, just ask them how to network on these sites and you’re likely to get a great education. If not, stay tuned as we’re sharing some great “How-To” as we go along.

By the way, the Presidential candidates all have Facebook accounts… so why don’t you?

As with good Marketing Techniques taught by the pro’s go, Remember to always include links to what you’re doing in your email SigFile. If you’re on Facebook, include a link. If you’re on Twitter, include a link. The list of all these micro-blogs is daunting but yet manageable. Once you learn how to manage them, you can make ONE post on the lead site and copies of that post (or a brief portion of it) will be posted to a LONG LIST of these sites. Are you still interested? Where else do you know of that you can achieve such economy of action?

For instance, check the sidebar of this blog. You’ll find a little block that displays my most recent post on Twitter. Every time (not just once and a while) that I make a post on Twitter, the information in the box changes. And, the link at the bottom of the form allows you to click to “Follow Me on Twitter!” Please do so if you haven’t already done that. It’ an easy way for me to definitely SEE your page and if you have great links to YOUR website on your page… I will go look! This is so much easier and more effective that surfing for hours and looking at pages that you have NO real interest in! Well, occasionally you keep seeing one pop up and eventually you just QUIT surfing and go check it out. The ones that I do that to are few and far between… but they do show up now and again…

Oh yes, I almost forgot… when YOU sign up for Twitter and get people following YOU, every time that YOU make a post to your Twitter page (remember, just 140 characters max!) your followers ALL see what you “tweeted” to them.

There’s so much more to say about Tweeter and all the great new micro-blogs… but that’s it for tonight!

Catch you later,

David Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)
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Generate Traffic to your website with WEB 2.0


And welcome to the wonderful world of WEB 2.0

When I first began working online, one of the early ways to get traffic to my website was with ‘surfing’ on Traffic Exchanges (T/E’s). That worked well in the early days as the timers allowed your whole page to come up and even sound if you were able to make that happen. With many of today’s T/E’s and their extremely short timers, you’re lucky if anyone ever remembers you. The use of Splash Pages or Gateway or Landing Pages is mandatory… or you will NEVER accomplish much. That was… until the advent of WEB 2.0

With very little effort on your part, using just a few of the many Social Marketing sites available to you, generating a following and creating a flow of “Targeted” traffic to you website is actually pretty easy! Some of you may think that the Social Marketing sites are what teens and twenty-somethings use to gossip on. Well maybe that does happen some but there is PLENTY of room for Social Marketing! Marketing for your business in a social way. And, if the presidential candidates have Facebook accounts… Why shouldn’t you?

That’s right and also is a great place to start. You may not know WHAT to say or how to say it just yet… but I’d suggest that you go over there right away (if you haven’t already) and claim your space on Facebook. When you do, you’ll be asked for a username. My suggestion is to choose a username that describes what YOU do online! Make it catchy and indicative of YOUR business or service or whatever… but claim it now. And, if you sign up for other Social Marketing sites… use that same name and people will start to remember who you are and what you’re about! Do it. Do it TODAY!

In closing, there are a lot of sites you can join. A list will follow in a post coming soon. Just remember to include your “hottest” Social Marketing link in your ‘Sig File’ so people will go look for you!

More soon,

David Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)

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