Shortcuts for the FireFox Browser & WEB 2.0

If you’re getting into the WEB 2.0 scene and doing research for articles, you’ll be all over the place and probably see dozens of great articles during your browsing. So how do you get all that information out to YOUR readers? A great feature that is free and a quick install for your FireFox browser is called Shareaholic. Shareaholic allows you to share, bookmark, and e-mail web pages quickly via a wide array of web 2.0 social websites without cluttering up your browser! That’s a quote from the download page. Shareaholic will allow you to, with one click, share your latest find with your readers on your pages at: digg,, facebook, foxiewire, friendfeed, google bookmarks, google reader, healthranker, kaboodle, magnolia, mixx, myspace, pownce, reddit, simpy, stumbleupon, streakr, truemors, tumblr, twitter, ycombinator, bzzster, and more.

So, what’s keeping you. Click here for “Shareaholic” and with a quick click of the mouse, you’ll be done in no-time flat. Then it’s just a quick read and you’re sharing information on the fly!

Have fun and stay tuned for more tips as they become available.

Dave Perkins (aka: TrafficMechanic)