The Weekend In Review

This past weekend I attended the Internet Super Stars (ISS) Conference in Baltimore, MD. My head is so full of new ideas and information that I’m probably in “Information Overload” at the moment but that’s OK… I’ll get over it and hopefully I will begin putting all this hot information to use soon!

I was invited to attend this conference by a couple that I met online. They’re known, online, as “The Dynamic Duo” and if you get the opportunity, you should definitely get to know Jeff and Lori. They have a knack of taking your content and turning it into so much more than you ever thought you could produce with those words that you started with.

Jeff Wark & Lori Steffen, The Dynamic Duo -
Here’s me with Jeff Wark & Lori Steffen of
during one of the breaks.

If you’re not familiar with the ISS program, it’s produced by Mark Hendricks, a leading teacher who leads by example… not a “do-as-I-say” kind of guy. You’ll find more about him at and other web pages linked from that page.One of my passions is to learn all I can about Web 2.0 and at this conference I met Dr. Ron Capps who is, in my opinion, the ultimate Web 2.0 knowledge source.
Ron Capps, PhD, The NicheProf -
Here I am hanging out with the “NicheProf

There were lots of presenters this weekend and myriad subjects were covered, and covered well. For once, I attended a seminar where I didn’t feel like I was constantly being “sold” something. There was plenty that I could take advantage of but that did not seem to be the major mission of this event! What a pleasure…There will be more in the coming posts about things that I learned this weekend and the things that I will be learning in the upcoming weeks with the NicheProf.Until then, have a great week and stay tuned.


Promoting MLM programs online… can be challenging, without good advice.

This post begins a new phase in our thinking about “How To Succeed” in your Online Businesses. We sincerely believe that you can and will benefit from these posts if you apply what is presented.

If you are an experienced Network Marketer, you’ve no doubt run across a company here or there that flat out stated in their rules that you COULD NOT under any circumstances promote your business online. If you haven’t, you probably will if you stay at it long enough. Either way, there are those companies that just know that they have a “Good Name” to protect and they’re not about to let anyone mess things up for them.

Now how could you or I possibly mess things up for a major MLM company? It’s easy! Just post your page with all kinds of claims about how great the product is, how it heals this or that and sooner or later someone will sign up hoping for an instant cure. When the cure does not happen to THEIR satisfaction they typically call the consumer protection agency and the next step is for “Big Brother” to knock on the door of your MLM company and threaten to shut them down! Just because YOU made a claim you were not supposed to make!

So, how do you get around this challenge? It’s my belief that the Internet is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I want to use it to share my opportunity with everybody. Since my company does not want me waving “Their Flag” online… then I have to wave MINE! And you will need to wave YOURS! Just HOW do you do that?

An easy way is to start a blog. Begin making regular posts. Write your posts along the subject lines of your MLM’s main focus. Just never mention the MLM or any of the specific products. You can say that you had a problem and that you’ve found a solution. You can be specific about the problem and offer to share the solution you discovered… if your readers will send you their first name and email address. When you get their information… (they have ASKED YOU to tell them) you can send them a link to your approved MLM corporate website that your MLM does allow you to share.

If your MLM does not have any recruiting website that they allow you to share, then it would be prudent to begin a dialog with your contact regarding your niche and over time, if they continue communicating with you, you could invite them to listen in to a recorded call(s) and eventually sign them up in your Business.

The methods and ways to do this are far to numerous to discuss in one post but keeping YOUR MLM happy by meeting THEIR requirements is so important. Especially if you are “invested” in creating YOUR success with THEM.

Always remember… The Corporate Entity (your MLM) can carry you to the top of the heap or cast you on the heap of “others” who did not “play the game” by the rules. So, right away, know the rules that you MUST follow and then use your online presence to BUILD YOUR LIST and then expose your list to your MLM in a way that KEEPS your MLM happy and that makes you WEALTHY!

More, soon, in our next post.