Is Paid Advertising In a Co-Op for You?

Have you purchased advertising online and felt like your money was wasted? Join the crowd! Many of us have “Been there and done that!” The good news is that there are reliable and effective ways to do paid advertising online. One of those ways is through an Advertising Co-op.

If you’re not familiar with cooperative advertising… It is basically a group of people “cooperatively” pooling their funds to buy a large block of advertising on some advertising medium. In this case, an internet service that posts your advertisements on the best places at a rate you, as an individual, could NEVER afford!

I went looking for a co op advertising program and discovered several. One in particular rose to the top of the list quickly as I am familiar with the company, great reputation, etc… so I took a better look! With the cooperative advertising approach, I’m getting so much more for my advertising dollar. Why? As I said above, my cash, added to that of the rest of the members of the advertising co-op allows the operator of the program to advertise in “higher level” locations so that your ad is seen by REAL people who are looking for what YOU are advertising! If that’s important to you, then check out our favorite Advertising Co-op.

They offer a couple of paid options that you can use to advertise in the co-op. The main Co-Op Offering guarantees you 3,000 visitors to your page each month for a ‘sweet’ price. If traffic is slow, they advertise your page until you get to 3,000. I don’t know where else you can find honesty like that!

The second option for advertising helps you to promote your PageSwirl affiliate link to bring in more team members in your downline of the Advertising Co-op. You are actually paid for any members who join and upgrade to the Pro service level. And let me tell you… Pro is where it’s all happening!

So, do like I did… Join and Get in the Co-Op! Then, check your Stats! You will be AMAZED at how your stats JUMP! If your growth has been slow in whatever you’re promoting… it’s time to “Turn up the Volume” and this is one GREAT way to do it! Click HERE to get started today!

How to find the Top Traffic Exchanges today

If you’re following this series and you’re looking for FREE traffic to YOUR website, one way to get it is by surfing the Top Traffic Exchanges on the internet. And how would you know what they are? The best way, for sure… is to go to Traffic Hoopla’s website to see!

Traffic Hoopla has, for several years now, been the TOP site online for determining which of the Traffic Exchanges you can surf are the best. What does it mean to be the best in the Traffic Exchange world? It means that for your clicks… you get more in return and you will likely get the most visitors to YOUR website, with positive response, than from sites not on the Top Traffic Exchanges list.

So, what’s keeping you? Get on over to Traffic Hoopla and check them out. You can join for FR^EE and get a look inside. However, we’d highly recommend that you join and pay up to constantly get reports on the status of the Top Traffic Exchanges… as it changes regularly!

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Dave Perkins

Services to help you in building your Online Business

As you are bringing traffic to your website, hopefully you’re using a lead capture page to gather the email address of your prospects. You can, if you wish, post a Toll Free 1-800 number on your lead capture page and allow your prospect to call you.

In the past, toll free service could be extremely expensive. Today it’s very economical and a convenient way to communicate with your prospects. On the other hand… you can go with VOIP service. VOIP service allows you to communicate with prospects over the internet. Of course, both of you must have VOIP equipment… but it’s becoming more and more economical all the time.

Speaking of internet service, does yours provide you with ALL of the services you wish… and all the speed you want? If not, you should really take a look at our website.

All of these services, and much more, are available through our online provider… at You’ll be glad you took the time to look and shop!

Better yet, become an affiliate of this service and earn commissions by signing up your prospects in the various offerings of our providers. You’ll get great service and help your prospects as you earn. Click HERE to learn more.