Can You Learn the Skills of Social Media Marketing and Set Yourself FREE?

It’s obvious that you have some Social Media skills or you wouldn’t be reading this article on Social Media or my blog.

Let’s talk about your PROFILE. Yes, your LinkedIn Profile. Do you have a professionally done photograph? Many do. So many of the people I see on LinkedIn use a selfie and that does not serve you well if you’re trying to make a true Professional impression on anyone.

How about your banner? Do you have one? Many who read this only have the blue background with the sparkles all over it. It’s highly recommended that you have your banner professionally done as well. There are people on who will make you an awesome banner (and also one for you blog and website if you wish) for around $20 or so. This will give your visitors a much better impression of you.

Now… About YOU? And why you’re here on LinkedIn. Why ARE you here? To further you business? I suspect many are here on Social Media to promote some product or service that they offer.

My short discussion here will be about that part… your offer. And… do you really want to do that here? Did that last statement raise the hair on the back of your neck? After all, that’s what your mentor (or upline) told you to do, right?

Well… let me share a little secret. Research shows that it is far more effective to compose an article and talk about how you are using a product that is doing XYZ for you. How you used to suffer or how you were overweight and now this product is making you feel so much better.

And instead of plastering pictures of your product on the page, instead, tell your readers to drop you a comment if they’d like to know more about it. That way, you establish a connection you didn’t have and you can go off the page to messenger or even email or phone to connect with your reader. Let them choose which way to connect. Just do it!

Again, Research shows that this method is so much more effective. It’s the “curiosity” approach.

If you’d like to know more about this method and how to REALLY make YOUR Profile shine, connect with me and I’ll get back to you with that info.

David Perkins writes from…
Historic Frederick, Maryland

What is YOUR Plan B?

If you are gainfully employed and moving ahead in life I salute you. The title of this short article has to do with what have you put together as a “Plan B” in case something happened and your current employment suddenly ended? That can happen, you know…

Accidents happen. I have a good friend who travels for a major corporation and he was injured in an automobile accident, NO fault of his own… other than he was ‘where he was’ when two BIG trucks came together and he was stuck in the middle. Many surgeries later… he is finally back to work and when I asked him what HIS backup plan was… he honestly didn’t have one… but I believe he soon may.

Companies go out of business. Take BLOCKBUSTER for example. The employees, the managers and the owners were all going along just fine. They showed up for work, did their jobs and NO fault of their own… they were all let go (with the exception of a few stores that stayed open because they were PRIVATELY owned.) What happened? A company called NETFLIX. That’s what! Who wants to go out to rent a video tape when you can simply look online and click to watch it right on your computer or television and never leave the comfort of your home? And the selections are HUGE and ever increasing. I wonder how shocked the majority of the Blockbuster employees were? Did any of them have a “Plan B”?

Weather related events can change your life too! If you’ve paid ANY attention to the weather news lately I am satisfied that you have heard of at least one or two events that would have changed YOUR life had you lived where those events were happening. Mother Nature has a way of showing up when you least expect her and sometimes her visits are totally destructive. What would be your “Plan B” if the facility where you work was destroyed by a flood, a hurricane or tornado? How many months would it take, if ever, for things to get back to normal for the company, much less you? Would you survive financially if that happened?

Why am I asking all these painful questions?

I honestly don’t have a DARK side. I am just being realistic and a ‘bit’ dramatic to make a point and that is… It’s often good to have a Plan B. What would you do if…? And what could you do if…?

One of the simplest things anybody can do is do some marketing online and create a decent income stream. What? You don’t know how? You wouldn’t have a clue what to do? Or what to sell? You hate selling?

There are a million reasons NOT to do what I just suggested and then… there are many people making MILLIONS doing just that. So, what is it?

Have I peaked ANY curiosity here? Would you take a look if I offered you a F.ree 10 day (online) course where you could get an idea what is involved? You can do the whole course on your phone, tablet or computer. Oh, and by the way, the gentleman who presents the course is an 8 figure earner! So he knows from where he speaks. He has the experience, the expertise, and he shares if with you for 10 days. After that, it’s up to you to decide if that is something that would work for you.

If you’re interested or only mildly curious… click HERE to get started.

When you realize how little you REALLY know…

I just got in from a mile long walk. Durning my walk I was listening to one of the many MP-3’s that I have access to after purchasing Mark Hendrick’s package of actionable content. I recently downloaded them to my phone. This is just one of the ways I am justifying the higher cost of owning a new “Smart Phone”.

It’s amazing to me just how much I DID NOT know when I attended Mark’s seminar in Baltimore everal years ago and how little of it actually sank in! Yes I did say Amazing (to me). Now that some years have passed and I have read more and done more online I am NOW really benefitting from what’s in these MP-3’s. I’m actually Getting It!

I knew that many people actually made a LOT of money doing affiliate marketing but the concept he mentions of having a whole gang of affiliate links, each making as little as $10 a day could wind up putting a whole bunch of money in our pockets. What a concept! It finally occurs to me now how important it is to affiliate ones self with people who are REALLY doing something that’s working that they’re willing to share with others. Someone like Mark Hendricks. I have NO idea why I did not do this sooner but at least I’m aware now and won’t be making that mistake in the future.

And, as Mark mentions at the front end of his program… I’m seeing the value in also printing out the hard copy transcripts of the MP-3’s so that the content reaches my brain in more than one way… creating a stronger impression between my ears. Obviously the more senses we can stimulate the better the effect we will have in remembering.

Want to know more about Mark’s programs? If you do, this is NOT an affiliate link but a direct link to his website. Go there now to get Mark Hendrick’s package.

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David Perkins
Frederick, MD
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Tips for Boosting YOUR Business in 2010

It’s the time of year when many people take a moment to write what are typically called “New Year’s Resolutions.” Unfortunately, shortly after they’re written… they’re often put aside and forgotten.

What if you wrote four or five workable ‘resolutions’ for YOUR business and then implemented them? How would that change the way YOUR business works? I’m betting that the mere fact that you were seriously “doing something effective” would make a huge difference anyway…

So, what will YOUR resolutions be? Getting more Leads? Getting more Traffic to your website? How about converting more traffic into sales? Or how about a HOT product to sell? Maybe one you don’t have to “pack and ship?”

My goal here is to get you thinking. Thinking about YOUR business and ramping it up so that you can be profitable in the coming year(s). The best tips I can offer you are not some huge revelations that have not been shared before… so take hope! Like me… who had heard these things for a long time before I finally “got it” and began implementing what works!

So, What Works??? … you ask. In my mind… lots of traffic to a page that converts is at the top of the list! And just HOW do you get lots of traffic? There are many ways and your choice may depend upon your finances… so we’ll discuss some of them here and YOU choose.

For those who are challenged financially… there’s always FREE traffic from Traffic Exchanges. You simply join a Traffic Exchange, post your page(s) to be displayed to visitors to the exchange, and then you click through the pages the exchange shows you… and IN EXCHANGE (thus the term – Traffic Exchange) for doing that… the exchange shows YOUR page to the other members. I find it helpful to join a number of exchanges and promote my page(s) on all of them. Then I surf a group of them at once (described as tabbed browsing) and gain a much wider viewership and exposure to my page. The use of Splash Pages that display QUICKLY is most important for much success on these Traffic Exchanges. Make sure to capture a name and email address and having a timely “Giveaway” to make it worth your page visitor’s while to give you their information.

If you want to know WHAT Traffic Exchanges to use… There are two lists that I always look at to see where I should be surfing and those lists are at Traffic Hoopla and Affiliate Funnel. These two lists update weekly and you’ll find both of them posted on my Top Traffic Exchanges page. This page is updated regularly so you can BOOKMARK that page and see in an instant how your favorite Traffic Exchange is ranked today!

Another great way to get TRAFFIC to your web pages is through blogging. If your website is hosted by a company that gives you a CPanel to manage your server space, “One Click” of your mouse will set up a WordPress Blog for you in just a few minutes. Of course you can spent time and money “fancying up” a blog but that is NOT necessary. What IS necessary is for you to make regular posts about what YOU do and what you’re promoting online. If it’s pills and potions… write some short posts about the latest one, how to get it, what it’s purpose is and how YOU benefit from it. Keep in mind the new FTC regulations and don’t say anything that would get you in trouble. If you have any doubts… there are LOTS of sources for legal counsel and I am not on that list! But get some solid advice and in plain language… don’t lie, don’t stretch the truth… and medical claims are a quick way to trouble.

Maybe my choice of examples was not the best… but everyone today MUST begin being TOTALLY honest and truthful in their advertising. Often, you’ll find that “less is more” in cases where you would wonder if you should say something… or not!

All That Said… blogging is picked up instantly by the search engines. Bold your Key Words. Hyper-link one or two of them to your main web page. Then, post your article. Double click the title of your article and then copy the LONG URL you see in your browser bar. Now, go to and shorten your link at Take your shortened link and “Tweet” it on Twitter to your following.

What, you don’t have a Twitter Account? Shame on you! (my opinion…) You have 140 characters in which to make a short plea and then share your link.

So how does all this work???

1. You Tweet the short link.

2. Your followers read the Tweet and click your link.

3. If you’ve posted an interesting article, they’ll see the bolded keywords and hopefully click them…

4. That takes them to your page and if your offer is good and your “FREEBIE” is attractive enough… they’ll want it enough to give you their name and email address for it!

5. If you have an Autoresponder Account (I use your form will do all that Double Opt-In stuff that makes your lead capture legal and then your autoresponder series of at least seven to ten messages can “Tell & Sell” them on the virtues of your product and why they should buy it!

Wow… I had no idea that I had so much to share about this subject and I’m just getting warmed up. If you’ll check back in a few days, I promise to post a few more tips on how you can get MORE FREE Traffic to your website and hopefully create more conversions.

Until then,

Best of the Season and Happy New Year!


A “load time penalty” for your website?

If you’re a regular user of Traffic Exchanges in the promotion of anything online you might be interested to know some information that is being bantered around by some of the SEO people at the top.

First, a couple of facts:

1. I was reading along in my emails this weekend and I discovered an article that mentioned the possibility that the Search Engines may soon add your website’s “Load Time” to the criteria that determines your ranking in the search engines.

2. While surfing on Traffic Hoopla’s list of the top ten Traffic Exchanges this past weekend… I noticed that several of the sites actually “timed out” my browser because they were so slow to load.

Now, that all said… considering that many of the Traffic Exchanges display content for as little as six to 20 seconds… before you can click to the next site, is YOUR page being fully shown? How much time does it take for YOUR page to load? Have you ever counted? Or timed it? Don’t you think you should???

How often have you had one of the Traffic Exchange (T/E) owners suggest that you use a “Splash Page” to lead to your main page? Now do you get why? Are you getting the message???

Just this past week, three of the top T/E owners got together and re-launched the TrafficExchange Toolbox (which is free) and guess what one of the MAJOR components in that package is? Yes, a Splash Page builder! And, I hear it’s a real Beaut! You can check it out right HERE.

Best wishes on getting YOUR website to load REALLY fast and check out those splash pages, they work really great!

David Perkins
The webmaster