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If you have ever visited my website and looked around you most likely noticed that I believe in Network Marketing as a viable way to earn a living. For years I had paid my membership dues to be an Amway distributor but by and large I was only a distributor so I could buy products at wholesale. In my mind that was no longer a worthy tradeoff so I have given up on ever making a cent with Amway.

So, what would I do instead? I responded to an email that told me about a company that has some really interesting products that can really make a difference in a persons health. And in selling them to others, there is an opportunity to make a really significant income.

I signed up! Guess what? There is NO cost to sign up! Really… This past week I made my first product order. Mind you, these are premium products and they’re not cheap. But they’re the real deal and I’m evaluating my first one.

What did I purchase? I purchased a pack of Nano Cards. I’m sure you wonder what Nano Cards are. Right?

From the members website I have copied (without permission) the information about Nano Cards for you to read. It’s long but worth the read, I believe. It starts with a disclaimer to protect the company and the distributor from the long arm of government busy bodies.

If after reading you are interested in knowing more, take a look at my webpage here:


There have not been any clinical studies done with our FreeMart Nano Cards and most of the information we have concerning them is what we have received from the manufacturer and from member testimonials.

There is however an overwhelming amount of research regarding positive and negative ions and far infrared light (FIR) and how they affect human health. Negative ion meters are readily available and we will be getting some pictures of our cards being tested so that you won’t have to buy your own meter unless you want to. As with all of our products, we encourage our members to do their own research before purchasing any of them.

Something In The Air

There’s something in the air and some have said that it may be the next best thing to love— negative ions.

Negative ions have long been attributed to improvements in mood and physical health. Research supports the view that negative ions have a net positive effect on health, including improved mood, stabilized catecholamine regulation and circadian rhythm, enhanced recovery from physical exertion and protection from positive ion-related stress, electromagnetic radiation and exhaustion disorders. Negative ion-generating technology have been shown to eliminate airborne pollutants, dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, viruses, and bacteria from the air and reduce the negative effects of EMF radiation from electronic devices.

When I first started researching the benefits of negative ions, I was amazed to find an overwhelming amount of research regarding positive and negative ions and far infrared light (FIR) and how they affect human health.

Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules that we absorb in abundance in certain environments. Think of mountains, waterfalls, and beaches. Once negative ions reach our bloodstream, they produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our daytime energy.

Early clues about the biological effect of positive ions on human health appeared as reports of increased irritability, migraine attacks and thromboembolism in response to alterations in atmospheric electrical states that accompany incoming weather fronts. (1)

Scientific evidence began to mount in the 1970s when researchers measured metabolic changes in mice and rats in response to changes in positively or negatively charged ions, including alterations in serotonin levels and recovery from illness. When exposed to positive ions (which accumulate in the atmosphere at the beginning of a storm) researchers routinely noted that animals became agitated, aggressive and were more prone to respiratory illness. Furthermore, when mice were infected with influenza virus and housed in an environment depleted of negative ions, death rates increased, indicating the need for negative ions in the environment as a benefit to overall health. (2)

Later, researchers measured the impact of atmospheric electricity on human subjects by monitoring daily changes in urine excretion of neurohormones in samples gathered from 1,000 volunteers exposed to positive ions generated 1 to 2 days prior to the arrival of a storm front. By measuring the changing levels of neurohormones in the 24-hour urinary output of the subjects during normal and weather-stress days, the researchers compiled a profile of changes in levels of serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, histamine and thyroxine.

Researchers found that exposure to positive ions engendered by an incoming weather front produce a release of serotonin. (3) They further identified three classes of weather sensitivity reactions:

1. Irritable Syndrome;
2. Exhaustion Syndrome;
3. Hyperthyroidism with subclinical Apathetic Thyroid Symptoms.

Noting that these conditions occur during annual wind storms (Sirocco, Sharav and Santa Ana winds), the authors stated that the effects, “which are mainly due to positive ionization of the air,” could be “prevented by negative ionizing apparatuses.” (4)

Just as positive ions build up in the atmosphere prior to a storm front, negative ions accumulate following a storm. This surfeit of negative ions has long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health. Research conducted in the last decade support the view that negative ions have a net positive effect on health.

German researchers discovered a link between catecholamine regulation and lifespan after depriving experimental animals of negative ions. First, researchers isolated mice and rats in air-tight, sealed acrylic cases. Next, they filtered the ambient air to remove all negative ions from the sealed cases. Their research led to the discovery that a prolonged deficiency of negative ions led to an accelerated rate of death for the experimental animals. Examination of the animals led researchers to conclude that the results ‘strongly suggest that animal death is related to disturbances in neurohormonal regulation and pituitary insufficiency. (6)

Researchers at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow discovered that negative ions are able to help protect the body from induced physical stress. When the researchers immobilized rats and exposed them to negatively charged ions they discovered that the ions prevented the development of acute stress that are observed in untreated rats. The protective action of negative ions was observed in all the experimental animals independently of their types of behavior. (7)

British researchers at the Centre for Sport and Exercise Sciences in Liverpool exposed male subjects to negative ions and measured physiological responses, including body temperature, heart rate and respiration, while at rest and during exercise. Negative ions were found to significantly improve all physiological states, particularly during rest. Most important was the finding that negative ions are “biologically active and that they do affect the body’s circadian rhythms.” (8)

Research conducted at the Institute of Biophysics at the Russian Academy of Sciences, found that exposure to negative ions increased levels of the protective antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD).” (9)
So how does this all relate to our FreeMart Nano Cards?

FreeMart Nano Cards come 5 to a package and have been manufactured and produced utilizing a unique bio nano-composite ceramic powder, which provides an abundance of Far Infrared Rays (FIR) and Negative Ion Technology. They are continually emitting 6,000 or more Negative Ions per card.

These cards also radiate countless healthful and beneficial nano light waves and negative ions that penetrate the skin and cells of the body, assisting in circulation and enriching the blood with oxygen, which improves every metabolic function in the body including the healing process, by helping to restore the body’s natural energies and homeostasis.

Possible Health Benefits

  • Helps increase proper and healthy blood circulation
  • Helps reduce stress and fatigue and increase energy
  • Helps release and eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins
  • Helps enhance the water molecules in the water you drink
  • Helps eliminate offensive odors in the car, refrigerator, or the body
  • Helps maintain freshness and increase shelf life of fresh food
  • Helps reduce back pain, migraine headaches, and the pain of arthritis
  • Helps facilitate a healthful environment for plants

How to Use FreeMart Nano Cards

Simply put one of the Cards in your pocket or carry it with you. Not only are you receiving immediate health benefits, but now in cases of stress put upon the body by exercise or injury, you will experience less inflammation and recovery time will be improved.

It is recommended to place a card in each shoe of anyone who is required to be on their feet for long periods of time. Cards can also be applied to areas of pain to reduce inflammation.

Put a card in the vegetable crisper of your refrigerator or under the eggs, dairy products, and under the meat to keep foods fresh for longer periods of time. Cards can also be put under a fruit bowel on the counter, or with your whole grains, nuts, and seeds to keep them fresher.

Glue a Nano Card on the bottom of your car’s gas tank for ionization of your gasoline which translates to better combustion, increase energy, better gas mileage and reduced emissions. Put one on the gas meter coming into your home and in your electrical panel to reduce the consumption of electricity and lower your power bill. Put them under your bottom sheet in your bed or under your pillow for better sleep. Use your imagination as to where you can use them.

Tape one to your body or put one in a nylon stocking to be tied around your arm, leg, neck, forehead, temple, or wherever you are experiencing pain or inflammation.

Whenever there is pain or inflammation in the body, there is an overabundance of positive (poison) ions. The negative ions and FIR being generated by our FreeMart Nano Cards will penetrate through your clothing all the way into your deepest tissues including your bones to neutralize the positive ions that are associated with the inflammation.

The Nano Card is safe and beneficial for everyone – adults, children, babies, and pets. Pets love having the Nano Card in their beds and under their water dishes.

Nano Cards have been tested to provide beneficial Negative Ions and far Infrared Rays for more than 3 years. I like to have several of them close to me at all times. Try some for yourself and pass some out to your friends when you find somebody suffering from an ache or pain. Often times the pain will subside immediately and you will not only have a friend, but a customer for life.


Negative ions have long been attributed to improvements in mood and physical health. Research supports the view that negative ions have a net positive effect on health, including improved mood, stabilized catecholamine regulation and circadian rhythm, enhanced recovery from physical exertion and protection from positive ion-related stress, electromagnetic radiation and exhaustion disorders. Negative ion-generating technology have been shown to eliminate airborne pollutants, dust, cigarette smoke, pet dander, pollen, mold spores, viruses, and bacteria from the air and reduce the negative effects of EMF radiation from electronic devices.


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Viewing The Total Eclipse of 2017 Safely

Today’s Total Eclipse is the first to span coast to U.S. coast in 99 years, So… eye protection or other methods of viewing it are a must for safe viewing of this solar eclipse. You can ‘Google’ the Solar Eclipse for lots of links to information on when and where and how to safely view the total eclipse but briefly let me share some safety information with you.

Direct viewing of the Solar Eclipse can PERMANENTLY damage the retina of your eyes. If your vision is important to you, don’t take chances.

How best to view the Eclipse? The website at recommends the following:

To safely view the eclipse, turn to:

No. 14 Welders Glasses, available at welding supply stores.

Pinhole projectors. These allow you to see the eclipse by projecting sunlight through a pinhole onto a viewable surface. Go HERE to learn how to make a great Pinhole Projector.

Aluminized Mylar filters/commercial glasses that do not have any damage or scratches. The American Astronomical Society says these should be verified by an accredited testing laboratory to meet the ISO 12312-2 international safety standard.

Here in Maryland, we will be seeing the greatest blockage of the sun around 2:30 PM EST. Watch carefully. If you have to be at work, the Eclipse will be streamed online by several sources (check or you can see it on TV as several networks have stated that they will cover it live.

Oh yes, I almost forgot… Many public libraries will be providing protective glasses for children to use to view the Total Eclipse. Check your local library if you don’t have any of these protective lenses for YOUR children or yourself.

To your Safe & Happy viewing!

David writes from Frederick, Maryland

To your Health

Now that School is OUT for the summer…

As anyone can see, it’s now into the sixth month of the year and I had not made one single post to my blog since New Year’s Eve. During the past few months I have been searching for something to do online that could bring in some extra money. And it had to be something that is affordable to start with and I had to feel good about it.

If you have followed my blog at all, you know by now that I have been an Amway distributor for ages and ages. They have great products but the expense, even at my discount, was getting to me. Furthermore, the name Amway seems to scare off all but the most ‘unexposed to the world’ people I could find. My results were not good at all so I continued looking for something that I felt would resonate with more people.

Past health challenges in my family and for me personally have caused me to look for solutions to health problems that don’t create more problems than we already had. The easiest way to do that is by using supplements that work to relieve symptoms or actually go to the source of the problems one might have and make you feel much better… sometimes even resulting in people having NO more symptoms at all.

In searching for answers to my challenges, I came across some articles by John Austin who is a Health Researcher, Author and Certified Nutritionist. What he said made sense to me. If you’d like to have access to some of what he writes, take a moment and download his FREE book. Here is a link to it:

I believe that he’s really onto something good. If you’d like to try any of the items he writes about, you can find them here on my page:

That’s it for this post. Hope you enjoyed it. Reply to this post if you have any questions.

Staying Healthy to do your Marketing Long Term

Yes, I do think about something besides Marketing at times. I’m actually quite interested in eating healthfully and staying fit. To that end I simply eliminate junk food from my diet and eat mostly a vegetarian diet. I am not a Strict Vegetarian and the meat I do eat is mainly fish. My father ate red meat two or three times a day all his life and he died of a heart attack way before his time so I am taking that precaution and NOT eating red meat.

I supplement my diet with a few essential vitamins to ensure my Immune System stays strong. Having had Lyme Disease that almost ruined my right knee… I take plenty of Vitamin D-3 and a few drops of a couple of selected tinctures that are known to help keep Lyme at bay.

In reading along the other day I came across an article that really got my attention. It described a drink that anyone can enjoy and the list of benefits from drinking it was LONG and I’ll detail them below. It seems that many professional athletes and Olympians start their day with this drink which may say something for its effectiveness.

What’s in the drink? 10 ounces of warm water, the juice of a lemon and 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt.

A 10-ounce glass of warm lemon water with Himalayan salt in the morning can increase your immune function, decrease uric acid to fight inflammation, improve digestion, and balance your body. These benefits can be attributed to the vitamin C content of the lemon juice as well as the essential minerals contained in Himalayan salt. This simple morning drink promotes vitality, health, and overall wellness, and may even improve your sex drive!

Here’s the list of potential benefits:

Lemons are excellent for fighting inflammation.
Aids in proper food and water absorption.
Balances your body’s acidity (pH).
Boosts immune function.
It’s a detox for your cells.
Reduces problematic cellulite.
Clears up skin and adds a fresh glow.
Useful for allergy season.
Paves the way for better sleep.
Helps controls blood sugar.
Lemons may help detoxify your liver.
Freshens breath!
May help you chill out.
Useful for reducing blood pressure.
Boost your libido!
Gets you hydrated right out of the gate.
An antioxidant powerhouse vital for, well, everything!
May improve your heart health.
Promotes digestive health.

If you’re inspired and want to read the entire article I found, please do so by clicking the link below or copy it and paste it into your browser window to check it out.

19 Balancing Benefits of This Two-Ingredient Morning Tonic

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