Staying Healthy to do your Marketing Long Term

Yes, I do think about something besides Marketing at times. I’m actually quite interested in eating healthfully and staying fit. To that end I simply eliminate junk food from my diet and eat mostly a vegetarian diet. I am not a Strict Vegetarian and the meat I do eat is mainly fish. My father ate red meat two or three times a day all his life and he died of a heart attack way before his time so I am taking that precaution and NOT eating red meat.

I supplement my diet with a few essential vitamins to ensure my Immune System stays strong. Having had Lyme Disease that almost ruined my right knee… I take plenty of Vitamin D-3 and a few drops of a couple of selected tinctures that are known to help keep Lyme at bay.

In reading along the other day I came across an article that really got my attention. It described a drink that anyone can enjoy and the list of benefits from drinking it was LONG and I’ll detail them below. It seems that many professional athletes and Olympians start their day with this drink which may say something for its effectiveness.

What’s in the drink? 10 ounces of warm water, the juice of a lemon and 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan salt.

A 10-ounce glass of warm lemon water with Himalayan salt in the morning can increase your immune function, decrease uric acid to fight inflammation, improve digestion, and balance your body. These benefits can be attributed to the vitamin C content of the lemon juice as well as the essential minerals contained in Himalayan salt. This simple morning drink promotes vitality, health, and overall wellness, and may even improve your sex drive!

Here’s the list of potential benefits:

Lemons are excellent for fighting inflammation.
Aids in proper food and water absorption.
Balances your body’s acidity (pH).
Boosts immune function.
It’s a detox for your cells.
Reduces problematic cellulite.
Clears up skin and adds a fresh glow.
Useful for allergy season.
Paves the way for better sleep.
Helps controls blood sugar.
Lemons may help detoxify your liver.
Freshens breath!
May help you chill out.
Useful for reducing blood pressure.
Boost your libido!
Gets you hydrated right out of the gate.
An antioxidant powerhouse vital for, well, everything!
May improve your heart health.
Promotes digestive health.

If you’re inspired and want to read the entire article I found, please do so by clicking the link below or copy it and paste it into your browser window to check it out.

19 Balancing Benefits of This Two-Ingredient Morning Tonic

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David Perkins
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When you realize how little you REALLY know…

I just got in from a mile long walk. Durning my walk I was listening to one of the many MP-3’s that I have access to after purchasing Mark Hendrick’s package of actionable content. I recently downloaded them to my phone. This is just one of the ways I am justifying the higher cost of owning a new “Smart Phone”.

It’s amazing to me just how much I DID NOT know when I attended Mark’s seminar in Baltimore everal years ago and how little of it actually sank in! Yes I did say Amazing (to me). Now that some years have passed and I have read more and done more online I am NOW really benefitting from what’s in these MP-3’s. I’m actually Getting It!

I knew that many people actually made a LOT of money doing affiliate marketing but the concept he mentions of having a whole gang of affiliate links, each making as little as $10 a day could wind up putting a whole bunch of money in our pockets. What a concept! It finally occurs to me now how important it is to affiliate ones self with people who are REALLY doing something that’s working that they’re willing to share with others. Someone like Mark Hendricks. I have NO idea why I did not do this sooner but at least I’m aware now and won’t be making that mistake in the future.

And, as Mark mentions at the front end of his program… I’m seeing the value in also printing out the hard copy transcripts of the MP-3’s so that the content reaches my brain in more than one way… creating a stronger impression between my ears. Obviously the more senses we can stimulate the better the effect we will have in remembering.

Want to know more about Mark’s programs? If you do, this is NOT an affiliate link but a direct link to his website. Go there now to get Mark Hendrick’s package.

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David Perkins
Frederick, MD
Network Marketing Professional

Internet Business Training from a Business Pioneer

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I have been listening and reading some amazing training by someone who was an internet business pioneer (he started back in the early 90s). You’d probably recognize his name if I told you, he’s Mark Hendricks.

Anyway, I’ve got to tell you this info is priceless, and I am recommending you take a look and take advantage of it too.

Here’s just a few comments from others you will read on the page:

“Just the tips, tricks, and techniques you taught me in two day was worth much more than the thousands of dollars of information I had already paid for!”…

“I took 67 pages of notes”…

“He answered a ton of questions that were thrown to him and provided many of the resources that he personally uses”…

“You truly held nothing back and answered all of the Internet marketing questions we could come up with”…

“I can’t thank you enough and would advise all who are serious about creating the life of their dreams to get to know him!”…

“All I can say is WOW!”…

“Your seven steps (plus the money-maker) to starting an online business quickly was the clearest and most complete response I’ve ever heard”…

“To me, he is an Internet marketer’s dream come true: the real scoop delivered by a real person who happens to know his stuff like no one else I have ever met”…

“I felt like I was spending the weekend with a good friend who was willingly to share many of the trade’s inner secrets of success with me on his back porch”…

“In the first hour I had more useful information than I’ve received from other courses in 6-8 hours!”…

“True to your word, you held nothing back and spoon fed us marketing information that you can’t get out of a book or course”…

It’s me again, this gets my highest recommendation… check it out.

Click HERE

(this is not an affiliate link, I just want to let you know about it)

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Affording your Summer Vacation

Since it’s summertime and the kids are not in school, many of the people I meet at work are preparing for their vacation. They’re in the store purchasing things to care for their pets while they’re away.

As I thought about how nice it would be to go on vacation myself, I wondered how many people out there would like to go on vacation but simply don’t have the cash to do so. That thought brought me back to some reading I was doing earlier from a document written by my friend and mentor, Mark Hendricks. The document is entitled Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing. In there he talks about ways to earn money for your vacation by selling things that OTHERS have created, as an affiliate, to earn the money you need for your vacation.

There are, in fact, many people who are VERY creative and come up with awesome producta but they simply don’t have the ‘reach’ that thousands of ‘affiliates’ can provide so they offer you and me the rights to sell their product and we earn a percentage of the sale price each time a sale is made. How well you can write a sales page (the offer) and promote it to YOUR friends, either via a website, a Facebook post, etc., will determine how much you could earn.

To learn much more about how YOU could do this to earn the money for YOUR vacation, check out Mark’s Insider Secrets of Internet Marketing by going HERE

Marketing Tips from a Trend Setter

As you can see from the date of my last post I haven’t been really into the blogging scene for a while. Why the change? Read on and you’ll see…

I picked up a great training package from Mark Hendricks recently and in reviewing it I’m reminded of some things that ALL of us need to think about. Things like… What does it take to get someone to buy what I am selling?

Mark’s thought on that went something like this… To get some to buy your stuff, they have to get to KNOW you, then get to LIKE you and then, most importantly, they have to TRUST you. So, how to you pull that off? There’s a lot of content in the package that fills in the blanks to help you get with the program to make these things happen.

How are YOU doing selling your products? Are you doing it all on your own or do you have raving fans helping you? Affiliates? Or, have you done any Joint Ventures where you’re selling someone else’s products and/or they’re selling your products? Mark goes heavily into how you can get yourself noticed by “A” level players to get help with what you’re doing.

I could go on and on but instead, why not check it out for yourself? You will find all the information you need here:

Check it out and I promise you will not be disappointed with the content.

For questions contact me at any of the links or methods below.

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