Income Opportunities – Part 3

In my last posting I mentioned that there are other ways you can build a following to share your GDI opportunity. Our Team Leader suggested that the following are great places to advertise and promote your business and I agree.

1. Herculist and EasySoloAds at:

2. Fiverr at: All Advertisement Programs and Places to Promote are just $5 bucks!

3. Here’s a list of the “Top Ten Safelist Programs” that our Team Leader used in the past and still uses! I am checking them out one by one.

Our Team Pages suggest that you can earn quite a bit of money by promoting GDI and building a team. That is the case. YOU have to promote the program and build a team and ONLY then will you reap the fruit of your labors. There is NO “Easy Button” on our pages…

Speaking of teams, I am a member of an awesome team that is headed up by a pair of twins who have years of experience in business, both online and offline. You can see our Team Page HERE.

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David Perkins
writing from Frederick, Maryland

Income Opportunities – Part 2

Last week I mentioned the money making opportunity with GDI that I had discovered. There are some additional goodies that go with this program that I failed to mention and they might just be the “carrot-on-a-stick” to move you to action.

My website at  is not “just” a website. With this hosting account you also get a BLOG and up to 10 email addresses. You can see MY blog HERE.

If you take a good look around my blog you’ll see there’s a great site builder program included so you can easily build your own website without hiring an expensive designer.

A little farther down the blog’s sidebar is an explanation of how YOU can create an income stream by promoting GDI to others. Just tell everybody you know who might want a website, a blog or needs their own custom email address. It’s just $10 per month and when you share this with others, GDI will pay you a referral fee. $1 for everyone you bring to the team. We also share other ways you can build a following to share this with.

Speaking of teams, I joined a team that is headed up by a pair of twins who have years of experience in business, both online and offline. You can see our Team Page HERE.

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David Perkins
writing from Frederick, Maryland

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Income Opportunities

Last month I was surfing through some Traffic Exchange (T/E) pages and over and over I kept seeing a new promotion for GDI. In case you don’t know what GDI stands for… those are the initials for Global Domains International. They’re a hosting company that has been around since the late 1990’s. They do things differently from companies like Go Daddy, Hostmonster and the like. They sell you hosting for $10 per month WITH a domain name and the OPPORTUNITY to earn your way to a nice income stream.

GDI uses the .WS internet address. Lots of people are hung up on using only the .COM address and they miss out on a great opportunity. It really doesn’t matter what web address you use. What matters is how well and how much you promote it.

So, how do you make money with GDI? Every account holder (you) gets an affiliate link.

Mine is:

As you promote your links (yes, there are several more you can find in your back office) and people sign up, you are paid $1 for each month they pay their monthly fee. GDI pays down through five (5) levels and over time you can create quite a substantial income stream.

You can do this all on your own OR you can join one of the many teams promoting GDI.

The promotion that got MY eye and the main reason I signed up came from a team that suggests it is possible to make upwards of $30,000 per month! That kind of number gets your attention and when you think about it, that means that someone had been VERY busy promoting GDI and has over time had over 30,000 persons sign up and stay signed up! That will NOT happen overnight for anyone. Please know that. I know it! However, I also know it IS possible and if anyone can do it… with enough effort and time, so can I. And So can YOU… if you really want to.

If you’d like to see the advert that caught my attention, go HERE.

If you want to join a team, our team started in October of 2017 and already has over 1,000 signups. Yes, I am one of those 1,000. The link to join our team is HERE.

Stay tuned, more coming about GDI in an few days.

David Perkins
Frederick, MD

Are you earning money online?

All the time I am barraged with emails from people promising me that if I jump into their program I will soon be “rolling in the dough” and making it big time.

If you are in that same situation right now AND wanting to earn your income from the web there are ways to do so.

Every now and then one of the emails I receive is SO convincing that I simply have to click the link provided and “go for it”. I recently clicked the link and found myself reading an offer from a young man who’s become a multi-millionaire with his online ventures. I remember when he started and was initially offering instructions on how to build a “potato gun”. The success he had with that venture encouraged him sufficiently so that he continued learning, growing and offering more online to the point now that he has a HUGE following. In fact, he actually has a Tribe that follows him.

You may know of whom I write. His name is Russel Brunson. If you Google him, you’ll see what I mean. And no, this is not a “promo” from me doing a referral thing. This is just a great example of someone “keeping on doing it” until they got it right! That’s what we all need to do.

I have been, for many years, a huge fan of traffic exchanges. And for many of those years I had seen the website or banner advertisements for a program named and I had totally gaffed them off as a scam. So, short story, I visited the website, read through the rules, signed up and I’m actually earning a little money.

OK. Time for the truth. It is only a LITTLE money so far… but I am following the rules and the plan they offer that shows me how to earn $50 or so a day. They say it can be done easily… it just takes some time to get it going.

I would invite you to take a look at how LITTLE time each day they suggest it would take you to get to $50 per day. Take a look HERE.

If you laugh at $50 a day… do the math! That’s an extra $18,250 per year. If nothing else… that would afford you a really nice vacation each year. Well, at least it would for me!!!

One again… Take a Look HERE. Continue reading

Thought for the Day… August 20, 2017

When you’re working online to promote something you’re doing,,, do you ever find yourself drifting off course?  I think we all do that to some extent. In reading today I came across a statement that made me stop and consider MY actions.  Here’s that statement. See how it might apply to YOU.

Does what I am doing NOW move me closer to what I want, faster than whatever else I could be doing?

Think about it. Print that statement out and tape it to your computer’s monitor! Read it often and hopefully you will reach your goal (or goals) faster.

David writes from Frederick, Maryland