How do YOU build YOUR list in Network Marketing?

If you’ve been in Network Marketing (NWM) for more than a few years you have probably been through the list building challenges. You’ve probably had your upline push you to reach out to anyone that gets within three feet of you. You do your best to get a name and phone number so you can call them later and see if they’re interested in building a home based business.

If you’re an introvert as I was when I first started in NWM you probably had a VERY short list. I know I did. And as a result… I didn’t have much of a business. I went to more meetings and seminars than I care to remember. I had more “no-shows” at business presentations and home meetings. Was I frustrated and going broke fast? Yes I was and that probably showed in my desperate pleas for people to show up which likely resulted in low quality prospects… more like suspects!

For sure, I got a few friends and family to buy a few products and I even managed to get some people to sign up and one or two actually ‘did something’ other than beg me for free samples.

If that sounds anything like how it might have been for you… I can certainly sympathize.

Now, “what if” you could be in the best NWM company of YOUR chosing and NOT have to go through all that “contacting” stuff and successfully build a huge business? Would that interest you? If it does, please comment with #MORE INFO.

Truth be told, I believe Network Marketing is one of the easiest ways to create true Residual Income and you can do it At Home and Online. Now, here is the kicker…

I have discovered, much by accident (I thought), a group that is teaching Network Marketers how to market their businesses online using Social Media and hear this: When done correctly, you can have interested people (we still call them Prospects) reaching out to you asking for more information or simply to sign them up. How’s that for a switch?

How would YOU like to be making the switch FROM having to actually go out to the mall, to stores or anywhere people hangout to build your list TO… sitting at home in whatever you’re comfortable in, making a few posts on Facebook and other social media platforms to build your list and sign up new reps in your business?

If making that switch would work for you, I have good news for you. It’s easier than you think. I’m older than most of the members of the group and if I can do it… any of you youngsters who live on your phone or computer can do it.

There’s no charge to take a look at what we’re doing. Simply take a look. Sign up for the Free 10 Day Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp. That way you get to see what it is we’re doing and how it works.

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Get Leads for Your Online Business

I am always searching for the best programs available to take advantage of for myself and to share with others… after I discover that the programs are REALLY all they’re reported to be. That said, I am here today to share with you the latest program that I discovered… and I am loving.

I simply responded to an email offering me a free 10 day Online Recruiting Bootcamp where I would learn some really neat things related to getting leads, leads that were more than just “lookers” and how to make myself the “hunted” instead of being the hunter.

All that sounded so good. Well, I have been working through the bootcamp sessions and the program that is offered with it. I am elated. Leads are coming in. Life is good! Take a moment and click HERE to get YOUR free 10 day Online Recruiting Bootcamp and see what I mean.


David Perkins
writing from Frederick, Maryland

Are you earning money online?

All the time I am barraged with emails from people promising me that if I jump into their program I will soon be “rolling in the dough” and making it big time.

If you are in that same situation right now AND wanting to earn your income from the web there are ways to do so.

Every now and then one of the emails I receive is SO convincing that I simply have to click the link provided and “go for it”. I recently clicked the link and found myself reading an offer from a young man who’s become a multi-millionaire with his online ventures. I remember when he started and was initially offering instructions on how to build a “potato gun”. The success he had with that venture encouraged him sufficiently so that he continued learning, growing and offering more online to the point now that he has a HUGE following. In fact, he actually has a Tribe that follows him.

You may know of whom I write. His name is Russel Brunson. If you Google him, you’ll see what I mean. And no, this is not a “promo” from me doing a referral thing. This is just a great example of someone “keeping on doing it” until they got it right! That’s what we all need to do.

I have been, for many years, a huge fan of traffic exchanges. And for many of those years I had seen the website or banner advertisements for a program named and I had totally gaffed them off as a scam. So, short story, I visited the website, read through the rules, signed up and I’m actually earning a little money.

OK. Time for the truth. It is only a LITTLE money so far… but I am following the rules and the plan they offer that shows me how to earn $50 or so a day. They say it can be done easily… it just takes some time to get it going.

I would invite you to take a look at how LITTLE time each day they suggest it would take you to get to $50 per day. Take a look HERE.

If you laugh at $50 a day… do the math! That’s an extra $18,250 per year. If nothing else… that would afford you a really nice vacation each year. Well, at least it would for me!!!

One again… Take a Look HERE. Continue reading

Thought for the Day… August 20, 2017

When you’re working online to promote something you’re doing,,, do you ever find yourself drifting off course?  I think we all do that to some extent. In reading today I came across a statement that made me stop and consider MY actions.  Here’s that statement. See how it might apply to YOU.

Does what I am doing NOW move me closer to what I want, faster than whatever else I could be doing?

Think about it. Print that statement out and tape it to your computer’s monitor! Read it often and hopefully you will reach your goal (or goals) faster.

David writes from Frederick, Maryland

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