Traffic Generation Method # 9

Social Media Sites

Social networking has become immensely popular in today's times. Everyone from freckle-faced teenagers to octogenarians is using these sites and, in fact, they are spending a lot of time on them. As a marketer, you just cannot avoid the potential of these websites in making your site highly-trafficked.

One reason why social networking works as a method of traffic generation is that you can find people with various interests there, and most of them make their interests known through their profiles. Many social networking websites are searchable through meta tags, which are nothing but specialized keywords. Hence, if you have a business of selling a gardening product, you could easily put 'gardening' in the search bar of a social networking site and very soon a list of all the people who have listed gardening as a hobby in their public profiles will show up. Then you can send a bulk email to all these people speaking about your product and can even give them your business link to visit.

Do you realize what is happening here? You are marketing directly to people who are interested in gardening, which increases your traffic conversion rate tremendously.

The best thing about social networking is that you don't have to go anywhere to build your list. You have it right there on the site. However, this also brings in competition. But, if your product does spell good quality and people are impressed by the content you provide them, you will stand out eventually.

Social marketing is a fast - almost instantaneous - method of getting traffic. People constantly monitor their social networking profiles. As soon as they get the email verification from you, they will want to visit the site and check it out. This is your 'make or break' moment. You have to make sure your emails deliver the right message.

The following are some of the most popular social networking sites that Internet marketers use. Do you have profiles on them already?





This is not the end. There are various niches here such as video sharing sites, photo sharing sites and several others belonging to a special niche of services. We will speak about them later in this series.

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