Traffic Generation Method # 8

Email Marketing

Email marketing is based on lead generation. Leads are people who have done some activity on your website or on an affiliate website - such as downloading an eBook or adding themselves to an opt-in list or subscribing to a newsletter, etc. - and have given their email id in the process. The email address is known as the lead. The collection of all these people is known as the list.

The actual process of email marketing involves sending informative content through email to these people on your list. The emails have to be content-rich, providing them something of value and very subtly nudging them to perform some further action, such as visit your website for an offer or a free gift. Though the eventual intention is selling the product, it is not done blatantly in email marketing.

Email marketing brings in a lesser flow of traffic than other methods generate. Despite that, marketers use this method prominently. The main reason for that lies in the fact that the low traffic brought by this method is all targeted traffic. The people who have opted in to become part of your list are people who are interested in your list. It is very easy to get them to convert. This is the method they refer to when they say - "Get the customers to come to you; don't go to them yourself."

But, the success of this method lies in your email. You have to take care that you provide something of immense value that these people can use. These can be:

Some latest news about the industry

An easier way to do ordinary things related to the niche

A set of tips, pointers or guidelines

A short but effective how-to guide

Directions for getting freebies and discounted offers within the niche

Success stories of other people

Motivational material

... and so on. People are looking for such information on the Internet anyway. When you send this directly to them in their inbox, your credibility increases. Not only do you get traffic, but you also get repeated traffic and conversions.

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