Traffic Generation Method # 7

Link Exchange Programs

Link exchange programs are just what their names indicate. Website owners promote each other's links on their sites. These are similar to traffic exchange programs in that many people come together to promote each other's businesses. But the difference lies in the way this promotion is done. In traffic exchange programs, the link promotion is done on a separate website directory. However, in link exchange programs, the promotion is done on the websites of the participants themselves.

Link exchange is done through text as well as banners. The people who want to promote their sites typically make their links available in the form of HTML codes and/or banners. These are then picked up by other webmasters and promoted on their own sites.

The main intention is, of course, to get as much visibility as possible. When more people begin clicking on the ads, the SEO of the link automatically increases and still more people come in. Like many other SEO methods, implementing a suitable link exchange program helps you to get more eyeballs on your website.

You should know that there is a downside to exchanging links that you must think of. You must strive to promote your website link only on websites that are equal to or greater in popularity than yours. Submitting to a low ranking website will do little for your PageRank. Similarly, you should not accept sites that are much lower in status than yours. This will adversely affect your own PageRank.

You can get free websites for link submission as well. For this you will need to contact the website owner directly. Use a service such as WhoIS to know who the owner of a particular website is and their email contact so that you can communicate with them directly. You can find details about any webmaster of any website using WhoIS which you can obtain from

Link exchange is a very good method of bringing in traffic to your website; however, if you are looking for targeted traffic - i.e. traffic that will be really interested in buying your products - you will need to look harder and use some other methods in conjunction with this.

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