Traffic Generation Method # 6

Directory Submission

Directory submission is another SEO method that holds a promise of good traffic. It is very similar to the previously mentioned traffic exchange programs and in fact most marketers consider them to be exactly the same. But there are differences here in which marketers can submit their websites. The website links are not randomly accepted by the directories, but they have to fulfill certain qualifications, which might be following a particular niche. The websites are ranked by the directory on the basis of the value that they can provide to a potential visitor.

The rest of the concept is the same. As more and more people visit these links, the website begins ranking better. We say that the website gets better search engine recognition. Hence, this is a method that you should NOT avoid for generating traffic.

The task that takes the highest amount of time here is the submission itself. Though there are automatic submission services available, most marketers still use the manual submission route because that spells quality. Freelancers are employed most times for getting these submissions done so that the marketers can focus on their other more important tasks.

There are two main types of directory submission services provided. One of these is specific to the kinds of keywords that are used. Keyword optimization becomes important so that the website link gets accepted by the directory. The other method is a normal directory submission. Here back links are provided so that the websites can be visited. Both kinds of directories are very popular with Internet marketers.

The following are some directory submission services that you can use:

Best Web Directories

Yahoo! Directory

The following are some special niche directories:

For the business niche -

For the biography niche - Biographicon

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