Traffic Generation Method # 5

Traffic Exchange Programs

Traffic exchange programs are websites where you can submit your website link(s). This is often a membership place. All members will submit their own links. The idea is to get together and promote each other's links as though this is a giant affiliate program, where every website owner is an affiliate of the other.

The direct benefit is that there is a whole army of people promoting your website and not just you, which means that you get some stupendous publicity. Your website link jumps up several notches on the search engine ranking and the Alexa rankings because of the great publicity that this generates. In other words, you get a breathtaking amount of traffic.

There are free traffic exchange programs where you can submit the link of your website for free, only in exchange for promoting other website links. However, there is another mode at work here too. You can click on the links of other websites, becoming traffic for them, which gives you points. When you get a particular number of points, you can submit your website link too.

You might ask how this is beneficial to the website submitters since you have clicked on the links without any intention of buying anything. Actually, it still works, because you are trafficking the site. This makes the search engine think that the website is popular and it gives the website a better rank. Your clicks have propelled the website to a higher position on the search engine results.

The following are some of the most popular (and results driven) traffic exchanges:


Tezak Traffic Power

Traffic Splash

Traffic Swirl

Traffic G

Hit 2 Hit

Dragon Surf

Hit Safari

I Love Hits

Froggy Hits


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