Traffic Generation Method # 5

Traffic Exchange Programs

If you don't have any experience with Traffic Exchanges that's not a problem. It's not even a problem if you don't know what a Traffic Exchange (TE) is. Briefly, a traffic exchange is a website promotion system based on the concept of reciprocation. In simplest terms, you achieve exposure for your own web site, banner ads, and even text links by viewing the sites and ads of other people.

These programs provide you with a very powerful way of:

  • Putting your product or service in front of a very diverse audience
  • Seeing what other folks are promoting
  • Getting an idea of how your competition is targeting their campaigns
  • Branding your name, gather leads, and yes, even make sales

Traffic Exchanges are member based, so you must open an account with each exchange you intend to use. This is a simple task that can be completed in a couple of minutes, and it's usually free.

The preceeding paragraphs describing "what a Traffic Exchange is" and "how they work" come from a program entitled Affiliate Funnel. You can learn so much more about Traffic Exchanges and how to make them work 'for you' by clicking HERE.

The following are some of the most popular (and results driven) traffic exchanges:

Hit 2 Hit



Dragon Surf

Traffic Splash


Tezak Traffic Power


Traffic Delivers

Hit Safari

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