Traffic Generation Method # 4

Article Submissions

Submitting articles for traffic generation is a method that has been around since the beginning of the concept of Internet marketing and it is still going great guns. The fact that websites like Google rank content-rich websites better is what consolidates its position. Article submission is definitely one of the best methods of SEO available in today's times.

The concept is simple - you write a keyword rich article and then you submit it on various article directories. You are given a bio box at the bottom of the article where you can put in your and your business' name, with the link of the website that you want to promote. You can also put in a brief description about yourself in this box.

When a person stumbles upon on your website - the chances of which are high because you will be keyword optimizing your article - there is a likelihood that they will like your article and will then click on the link to get more information. This is how you get your traffic through article marketing.

Marketers use various article directories, most of which are free. The following is a list of some very good article marketing directories:-

Ezine Articles


Go Articles

Articles Base

Article City

Article Alley


By saying good we mean article directories that are ranked well by the search engines. You can even submit the same article on several of these directories, which is what many marketers do. However, you must make sure that you keep the same author name, or it could count as plagiarism. The best way, of course, is to make a little variation in the articles when submitting to each directory so that it looks different. You could even do that with software known as content spinning software. This software can produce variations of an article so that they are not rapped on the knuckles by search engines for duplication. However, since the quality of spun articles is not good, you will need to do some manual editing once they are spun.

The following are two popular content spinning software applications that some top Internet marketers use:

Content Spinner

Content Spooler

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