Traffic Generation Method # 3

Blogging and Forum Posting

You surely know what blogs and forums are. Though blogs and forums are different from each other, there's one thing that's common between them. Both of them allow visitors to post comments on them. That is the reason why they become interactive tools for the marketers of today.

Many marketers are known to start blogs of their own and make a post about their industry or even about their own product. They then put the link of their business website in the post or below it (below is considered more dignified). Visitors read the post and may probably visit the link mentioned. Thus, blogging is a good method of traffic generation.

Now, it is not mandatory for you to have your own blog to market through but it is a GREAT way to promote your products or services. Incidentally if you want to make your own blog, software such as Blogger, available at, and Wordpress, available at or can help you.) You could even visit blogs and forums of other people that are active on the Internet and make your comment on them. Even these have the same result; you get people coming in through the promoted link.

Forums follow a similar principle, but here you have to follow threads. Check out Digital Point Forums to see how the system works. Here you can initiate a thread. Forums have a better approach than blogs because here you will find only people who are very serious in the industry. Thus, both blogs and forums can improve the amount of traffic that your website is getting if you do them correctly.

NOTE: Bloggers with hosting accounts that offer cPanel controls and Simple Scripts can often install a Wordpress blog on their website with one or two clicks of their mouse on the appropriate cPanel links.

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