Traffic Generation Method # 2

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization, abbreviated as SEO, has been a buzzword in the Internet marketing world for several years now. Basically it means making a website better searchable by the search engines. Marketers who are looking at optimizing their websites work with regards to one of three major search engines - Google, Yahoo! Or MSN - because all these three have different parameters for organizing their links.

Out of this Google is the most popular and most marketers wish that their rank - called as PageRank in Google parlance - improves. Since Google is a context based search engine (which means it ranks content-rich websites higher than others), marketers use the following methods for improving their PageRank on Google:

They research on keywords and use them in their content. Google ranks websites based on the number of currently popular keywords that it contains.

Apart from keyword optimization, the overall content matters too. There must at least a 250 word content on a webpage for it to be considered by Google.

The content needs to be regularly updated too. Google is looking for content that provides value to the reader. Content that keeps changing is looked upon as dynamic content that the visitor would like.

Speaking in a broader sense, all methods of traffic generation are SEO methods. There's a reason behind this. Search engines like Google keep a watch on the popularity of websites. According to them, if a website is visited more, it contains good value. Hence, websites that generate traffic automatically end up with better stakes on the search engines.

We shall be learning many more SEO methods in the course of this series.

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