Traffic Generation Method # 19


StumbleUpon is one more in the league of social bookmarking sites that intrepid Internet marketers cannot afford to ignore. This is a site where you can make people stumble upon your blog, regardless of whether they are consciously looking forward to it or not.

The way to begin with StumbleUpon is to first have a blog that is rich in content and information. It is great if the blog is set within a particular niche. Once the blog is ready, StumbleUpon is used on it. This is in the form of a toolbar that you download and install from their website.

Once the StumbleUpon toolbar has been installed on the blog, people will begin rating your blog on it. The higher the rating it gets, the better are your chances of getting noticed on the Internet.

StumbleUpon is very close in outlook to Digg, but while Digg is broader in nature, catering to all sectors of society, StumbleUpon is mainly used by niche marketers.

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