Traffic Generation Method # 18


Digg is a social networking website with a difference. The main hero here is the content, which is comprised of routine articles. Digg is a site where people can find things that they like and then recommend them to other people. These people generally promote things that they think their friends or contacts would like. If you think about it, Digg can be exploited to the hilt if you have great content that you are sure people will be talking about.

There is an internal ranking system on Digg. The higher the number of times your content is dugg, the greater is its popularity and the better are the chances that it will make the front page of Digg. The system is to put up your content and then wait for 24 hours to see how many votes it gets. This is the decider for it to be displayed on the main page or not.

The amount of popularity that Digg can bring about for your website is astounding. Getting a jump of about 10,000 to 15,000 visitors is quite natural, but there are people who have got as many as 200,000 extra visitors through Digg.

The content that you put up on Digg is in the form of an article. The article should be something that people like to read about. Some of the best things that you can put up on Digg include:

      Breaking News

      How-to Guides

      Informative Lists


      Facts and Figures

      ...and such. You could write anything as long as it is relevant to your industry and you are sure that people will like to read about it.

Once they do, you are in the reckoning. People will "digg" what you have written, which will make it popular to others and you will gain better visibility.

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