Traffic Generation Method # 17


Craigslist is a highly reputed classified ads site which is a formidable marketing tool because it can bring in a huge volume of traffic. Today, Craigslist is widely known as the most popular advertising website known to humans. It is a city specific classifieds search, but it has a huge approach - at current standing, Craigslist ads are specific to more than 450 cities and new cities are constantly added. There are about 7 billion page views on Craigslist every month and about 20 million people visit the sites advertised on Craigslist every month. All this makes it very easy to see why Craigslist is one the most favored marketing tools.

When you make a Craigslist ad, most of the same rules apply as they do for other ad websites. You have to make sure that the headline is catchy, you have good meta tags defined, words are few and to the point, etc. With Craigslist you can build a back link to your main website and you can use a Do Follow tag. When you link the ad to your main website, you have to provide an anchor text. The anchor text is selected after careful consideration and is very much relevant to the ad website.

Google Analytics is an important tool that you can use in conjunction with Craigslist. It helps you know where your traffic is coming from. Once you know which your traffic hotspots are, you could exclude the ads that are not bringing in a good amount of traffic and focus on those that do.

Posting ads on Craigslist does not just help in making your website visible on the Internet; it also helps in improving its SEO. That is because as more people begin to click on your ad, your popularity on the Internet increases.

Craigslist is one of the best things that a marketer can do; you must surely not miss out on this one.

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