Traffic Generation Method # 15


Though Squidoo marketing is a fairly new concept to the internet and people have warmed to it rather quickly due to the various benefits that it offers. The novelty factor is one of the prime benefits because not many marketers are using Squidoo yet and the resulting competition through this method is low. There's also the point that Squidoo holds an amazing rank on Google already. If you have a Squidoo page, or a Squidoo lens as they call it, the chances of it getting ranked well are high.

Squidoo is basically a website where you can post your own content and promote your product or service. The page you create is called as a Squidoo lens. You post content here, with your website link and then wait for the people to come to you.

Why does Squidoo work? For many reasons actually, but one of the reasons is that it relies on content more than anything else. Various other methods have become popular for traffic generation and then have fizzled out, but the novelty with Squidoo is that it goes back to the past when content marketing was king. It still is, and that is amply shown by the popularity of Squidoo in bringing traffic.

Of course, the general content rules apply. Write great informative content and consolidate it by using great keywords.

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