Traffic Generation Method # 11


Despite the fact that podcasting has been around for some time now, not many marketers are using it to their advantage. That said, there is still the newness factor associated with it, which works to your advantage actually. This is still a new age technology which can bring a lot of targeted traffic to your door if you would let them in. Here is a brief look into how podcasting works.

Basically, podcasting is like having a radio channel of your own on the Internet. You do not have to bow down to any rules and regulations because none apply. You simply have your audio content which you are beaming to a lot of people on the Internet. These people are your audience. They have, in fact, asked to be 'marketed to'. They want to know about your products. When you podcast to them, there is a very high chance that these people will convert to being your visitors.

So why are these people hot traffic for you? The reason behind that is that podcasting works only for people who have subscribed to your RSS feeds. When you put up an audio segment, those audio files automatically get downloaded to the audio devices of the people who have subscribed to the feeds.

You need special software to create a podcast. This software is simply known as podcasting software or a podcasting mixer. Basically it is a tool that converts an audio file into a file into a digital file that can be downloaded over the Internet. The following is a list of two of the most popular podcasting software:

Feed for All

Podcast Studio

Using podcasting sets you apart from the usual breed of Internet marketers. This is certainly a method that you need to seriously consider to improve your prospects.

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